Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday Tom....

You came to us alittle scared at first....
but I think you soon realized we weren't that bad!

You adapted quickly....
and weren't afraid to show you had a sense of humor

You inherited 3 sisters....
and they a Brother!

Brad suddenly had a son....
to ice fish with....

and play music with!
You'll never know how much that means to him!

You're a very talented musician...
but you "claim" you don't sing!
We have a picture that says you do!
Ha, Ha!

You're also a very talented artist....
these are just a few examples!

and you LOVE, Love, love...
to skateboard!
And you are a little bummed by all the

The missing at times sister....
thinks your okay too....
She's shows that by giving you a thumbs up!

We hope you know that you have become a part of our family!
Your time spent here means alot to all of us.
It's been a learning experience....
first, by having a "son" in the house,
and also by learning a bit about France from you,
although, I'm not sure any of us would be
able to say a word in french.
We know you have a wonderful "real" family
in France.... because they are sharing you with us!
But, we hope that we will always
be considered your American family,
because we hope you know,
you will always be a part of ours!
Much Love...
From All of Us!


  1. A wonderful tribute to your son Tom. Hope that he has a fantastic birthday. (He will be here all year right? He hasn't already gone back to France...)

  2. That was a beautiful tribute to Tom! I bet you made him blush!

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