Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do You See What I See....

Welcome, I left the light on for you!
Although, the snow has covered half of my window.

It's a bit "Frosty" out there
so you should hurry in.

Maybe I should have shoveled for you first.
There's about 12 inches to get thru.

And more to come!
They say at least 2 to 5 more inches expected.

Lots of white!

Hubby was up and out to try and get to work.
But, he had to blow the snow first!

You can barely see him!
He's very dedicated!

You can see his path out....
and his path back!

What are you seeing out your door this morning?


  1. Same story. You're very dedicated to be up documenting so early!

  2. Snow, snow and more snow is what I'm seeing too. I hoping it quits by this afternoon. Working from home today, now way was I going to the shop! Stay in and off the roads, Dawn

  3. About the same here. We are in North Oakland County and it's still falling. Good luck with your cabinets!

  4. It was the same here too Lisa. I had to go out the back garage door to dig out the laundry door/porch. Hubs was out at 4:30 to plow out our cars so he could get to work. Then later I had to drive DD#2 to Midland to catch her flight back to Texas. What a horrific drive that was! Ugh! I have blisters on my palms from gripping the steering wheel so tight! And, that might also have some bends in it now! LOL But, it sure is pretty and VERY dramatic looking out there. I plan to pull on my boots and try to snap some photos today.

  5. I watched your home slides and we have the same home candles. Mine are on my banner right now! and brrrr.....the snow looks cold!! We are cold too, but NO snow!

  6. I know it's difficult at times..but it is so beautiful...just beautiful. Keep us in California, posted!
    Stay warm!!

  7. Oh my word girl...I would need smelling salts if we got that much snow!!!! Our town shuts down if we just get snow flurries!!! lol We are getting icy rain this morning...hope it warms up and not freezes. I love your new kitchen paint color in the last post!!!! Totally gave a whole new feel and look to the whole room...gorgeous!!!! You take care sweetie and stay warm and safe...have a great weekend! Picket

  8. Lisa, It's snowy and cold here as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog and being a witness to my life, and thanks for letting me be a witness to yours.

  9. Oh My Goodness Lisa! That Snow Sure Looks Cold! I Can Feel It From Here! :)) I'm In Middle Georgia..All We're Getting Is RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN! Don't Know Which Is Worse. :)) Hey..I Just Read Your Comment Over At Mona's And Found It Very Insightful! Tell Ya What..I'm Going To Join You Today As A Follower And I'll Try To Leave You Some Bright And Happy Comments From Time To Time To Help Bring You Some Cheer Okay! I'm A Visual Artist, And I've Met So Many Wonderful New Friends Through Blogging..Why Not Visit Me Sometimes As Well. Here's Hoping And Wishing You Have A Glorious Weekend!

  10. P.S. Lisa..You Have A Beautiful Family! Loved The Photos!

  11. Same here. :) I'm enjoying the excuse to take things nice and easy.

  12. Looks like our house last year when we had back to back blizzards. This year, only one accumulation thus far. I actually kind of miss all the snow. Must be great having the snow blower. :)


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