Sunday, January 9, 2011

My 3 Ice Fishers....

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Michigan!
A "balmy" 7 degrees when
we woke up this morning.
So these 3 decided it was a great time
to go ice fishing!
You can see this makes the Big guy happy,
by the smile on his face!
Tom is probably thinking....
What am I getting myself into?
He's never been ice fishing.
Mallory has been before and seems to like it.

Tom tells me he has on his long underwear we got him for Christmas....
I think he's gonna need it!

While they're out enjoying their day,
I am Home enjoying a
cuppa this delicious hot cocoa.
shared this delightful idea for a quick warmer upper on a cold day.
So, I thought I would try it and
she's right....
it's Yummy!
Maybe when these two get back,
they would like to have some.
I'm sure they're gonna need it!
Have a blessed Sunday!
Stay warm with your favorite cuppa warmth!


  1. I'm with you on this one. Some adventures are best observed from FAR away! LOL
    Lisa, how do you get photos and posts up here SO fast? That's my problem on my blog! I just can't seem to have the time to take photos AND blog about them in a timely manner! And, at least once a day, I get an idea for a blog post, but, never the time to post it. Then it is forgotten. :0( Anyway, good to see you posting more. I do so enjoy your blog! We really should try to catch up for real sometime this year! I'd love to meet you!

  2. You'll need to update this for us. How long did they stay out there? Are they in a fishing hut or right out in the open? You know the drill...

  3. I've never been ice fishing before.. brrrr... thanks for the linky love too! We are getting lots of snow today, and that hot chocolate sounds good about now. BTW.. I really like the pics. in your sidebar. You have a lovely family!


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