Thursday, January 6, 2011

And So It Was Found....

My camera that is!
Yep, I was right....
Miss Mallory had it
at school
in her purse.
But, she respectfully
charged the battery for me
before returning it!
Now that I have it in
my possession,
I can post what I
intended to post
So if you don't mind, I thought I would share with you
a few things that I received for Christmas.
I cherish and appreciate everything I got,
but I will show you two that were totally unexpected!
One is this....
a Kindle!
Okay, now this little dealie could
If I let it...
consume my day.
Here's how....
it's a book,
it's a game,
it has music,
it has the web,
and probably more then I even know yet!
Didn't expect it, didn't ever think I would have one
but, I do and I am loving it!
Then came a gift that literally....
brought me to tears and I couldn't even look at it until the
next day, early morning, when I was alone....
A gift from the heart and made with LOVE....
and memories....
to cherish....

By my Hillary!

As I said, all of my gifts are truly appreciated,

but this book made from the heart with

love and great thought

will forever be cherished!

Now I can look at it and not always get

teary eyed, but be Thankful

for the memories that will forever be

captured. Having this shows that

when you think something is lost forever

you know that it isn't, because

someone, like my daughter

has those same memories in her heart

What a wonderful thing to have!

Okay, here come those darned tears again!


  1. Oh what a precious gift...that Hillary! She knows her mama's heart. Yay for a camera found and charged.

  2. Sweet gift. Glad to hear that the camera is no longer MIA! LOL

    Thought about you over the holiday season and prayed that you were doing well. I know how difficult it is during these holidays missing a loved one.


  3. OH my girl.. I am so in lurv with the idea of a Kindle. Been thinking about it.. alot! That memory book is absolutely precious in every sense of the word. what a beautiful gift!

  4. ...but they are tears of joy! What a beautiful Memory Book made by your beautiful daughter! There is nothing sweeter than a handmade gift and one that has their personal stamp on it.

    Have a beautiful day!!


  5. I know you will cherish the scrapbook from your daughter. I make scrapbooks and started when my grandaughter was born and she is almost 11 now. I hope someday she will really appreciate them and bring her many happy memories of us together. veronica


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