Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Final Story....

They went out ice fishing about 11:00 last Sunday...
saying they would return in about 1 1/2 hours.
I was worried to death, when after that time,
no text were being answered....
and no phones either!
Allowing that they were out in the boonies
(as we say around here)
I gave myself until about 3:00 p.m.
before I would either...
go in search of them
(although I didn't know where they were)
call 911
and let them go!
2:52 p.m. my cell rings....
It's my hubby, finally....
They are in the truck, getting warm
waiting for Tom, who was bored fishing "their" spot
and went and found his own across the lake
and actually caught some fish there....
to come off the lake so they could head Home!
LOL, apparently now Tom is....
and has been out a couple times since,
once with Mallory and once with a guy friend!
Here are some pictures of their
ice fishing experience!

~Dad hooking her up~

~Beautiful sunny Sunday~

~4 holes...have to catch something, right?~

~Waiting for the bobber to bob~

~Not sure Tom's liking it at this point~
Not sure why this pictures is sideways!

~Father & Son~
Notice how they even stand alike!

~Keeping them fresh~

~Hair stuck in braces~
They said it was really windy out there!

~Mal likes to ice fish~
Don't know why this picture is sideways...
can't get it to change...
Oh Well!

~Only other guy out there~
He had a shanty!
I won't show you the pictures of
the fish he speared...
too messy looking!
But, they were bigger fish!

~The day's catch~

They caught about 13 or so fish.
But when all cleaned and filleted,
not enough for a meal for 4 people.
But, they're okay with that,
because it gives them another
chance to go out and
catch some more!

~Dad gets to do the cleaning and filleting~

My hubby has been away on business this week, but has heard all of their
stories of no luck ice fishing.  He is convinced they are jigging all wrong.
So I am sure that next weekend....
the 3 ice fishers will be out again!

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  1. interesting! I've always wondered about ice fishing.
    I didn't think the fish would bite..but apparently they do!

    Looks too TREACHEROUS to me.

    But a pretty nice catch I'd say.


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