Monday, September 13, 2010

My Lucky Find....

Last week there was an Estate Sale in my town. It was in a cute little 60's style ranch, maybe 70's, anyway I had always wondered about this house. Who lived there? Did anyone live there?
It always seemed to be cared for, yet you never really saw anyone around. In the winter the drive which goes up hill, would only on occasion be cleared of snow. Anyway, they were having this Estate Sale, so I of course "had to" stop. Boy the occasions you wish you had lots of money, there were great deals to be had....if only! The lady of the houses (that doesn't sound right, oh well) old wedding dress...beautiful braided rugs, of course oodles of antique furniture and linens. But what caught my eye were her dishes! I didn't get them that day, but I knew if it were meant to be, I would go back the next day and IF they were still there they would be mine....
and they were!

I brought them right Home and I had to wash them and get my Fall Table set!
I was so excited, because I have been wanting a pretty set of dishes in the Fall colors that I could set our dining room table with and leave out.
It also helps with keeping the table free of clutter!

This is the maker of the set. I looked it up and they were made in England between 1974 to 1982, I think it said. So they're not antiques, but that's ok, I wasn't looking for antique.

I also picked up a set of 8 goblets....
perfect for a mini pumpkin to sit in!

They are sherbet size....
the tea light holders are from last year Dollar General.
(I should have lit the candle!)

~This is the vegetable bowl~
Each piece has a little different fruit....
hence, Fruit Sampler!

~ The platter~

~ Sugar & creamer~


~Tea Cup~

I Love the little design inside!

~Dinner plate~

~Bread plate~

~Soup bowl~
Now, I didn't get a full set. Some were missing, I assume broken! There were several pieces that had obviously been glued back together and not really usable except for display.
But, that was okay with me...
I still love them and love the muted Fall colors!
There were only:
11 Dinner plates
3 Salad plates (not shown)
5 Bread plates
7 Saucers
6 Tea cups
4 Bowls
and 8 Goblets!
Good enough for me!
Because, the day I went back to see if they were mine,
was 1/2 price day!
And I only had to pay $2.50 for the set of dishes and
$3.00 for the goblets!
It was meant to be!


  1. WOW! What a find! The dishes looks so beautiful on your table. Love the little pumpkins in the goblets too. Is there anything better than a great estate sale? Have fun decorating, Dawn

  2. First of all, your blog is looking more like "you" every it. What a find these dishes are! So perfectly autumnal. Of course, Johnson Bros is an old name, but you're saying that this pattern is relatively new. It doesn't matter; it's beautiful! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...

  3. What a great find! That's always exciting to me! I should visit some sales this weekend

  4. What a great find. Your new/old dishes look perfect with your fall goodies! Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful dishes--doesn't matter if they're old or not....and at a great price! I love fall decorating and you have done a fantastic job.

  6. I think I remember this set of dishes.. at least the design. So nice and so very Fall-ish!! You did well.
    Ladybug Creek

  7. What a great buy and such a pretty set too. Everything is just perfect for your pretty fall table!!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. That was in deed meant to be.. what a DEAL! The place settings are so pretty. Love the tablescape!

  9. What a great find. They are very pretty.


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