Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Garden Tour....

I thought I would share with you what the hubby
and I have been up to lately in our yard.
He took a little mini vacation, Weds. to Sunday last week, and we spent that time sprucing up our yard. Believe me when I say that with the heat we've been having here in Michigan, yard work hasn't been high on our list of things to do. But, then a bit of relief and we are back out there.
So sit back and relax while you join me for a mini tour.

I saved the Adirondack just for you!

Here is the starting path in our back yard.
My husband made this out of one of those forms.
The back part that looks sandy, we moved this past
Sunday from another area of our yard.

Here is a beautifully pink Holly Hock.
These pop up randomly thru-out our yard.
We like them when they are blooming,
but once that is over....

This is a lavender colored
Obedient plant. These come up
faithfully, every year.
Hence the name

Now for the last 2-3 years we have been switching our yard
from the oblong pavers, to rock. We finally this past week/weekend
"found" the last 70 or so rock to finish the borders around our yard.
These are heavy-big-rock/boulders...almost!
But, we had a system to save our tired aching backs....
although, we did still feel it at the end of each day.
But, it was a good tired!

a view from the other direction.
The grass doesn't grow so well here,
there are 2 huge pine trees, and they drop
ALOT of pine needles. Plus, next to no sun
gets in this area. But, the rock looks good!

Another deeper pink Holly Hock.

A "blanket of flowers"

Mr. Sun has been hanging here,
year-round for about 4 years.
He's alittle mossy....
but, I love how it looks like he's smelling
this purple thistle!

I forgot last year to turn my bird bath top
over during the winter. It was in a few extra
pieces then I needed this Spring, so I came up
with my own top. The birds don't seem to mind!
(this is where the path used to be, I need to add some mulch here)
As long as you do what the sign says!
Enjoy the day....
go out and garden!


  1. Thanks for the seat Linda.. kinda needed a rest this morning after walking Sadey. ;O) The garden tour is lovely.... everything looks so nicely placed, and beautiful. Rest your tired self girl.. you've worked hard.

  2. Beautiful gardens. It shows that a lot of work goes into your place. The rock is really nice. Love the look. Gorgeous hollyhocks.

  3. Wonderful! It must be a great feeling to see the beautiful results of your labor...such a lovely spot to spend time.

  4. Very lovely!!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Hello from PA! Blog-hopping this morning... what a beautiful yard!

  6. I love your yard, especially the hollyhocks. I was raised in Michigan and I remember all of my grandmother's amazing flowers.


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