Sunday, July 4, 2010

American Idol Live Fans....

So, my hubby and I started out Saturday, as we usually do on the hot summer weekend this time of year. We go to a local Arts Festival and then to an antique mall and we try and grab some lunch in there too. On this day our lunch ended up not happening until somewhere around 3:00 p.m. By the time we decided we were hungry and where we wanted to grab a bite to eat, it was late for lunch, but Oh Well!

We had basically been "dumped" by all three of our wonderful daughter's for
"better options" then to hang with the boring parents....

you know how that is I'm sure!

The youngest went with a friend to a lake for some water fun and later fireworks with her family. The "middle" had to work until close and then was hanging with her friends too. And the oldest, just can't go too long without her main squeeze, so from work to him.

That left us trying to decide what to do!

While eating lunch, hubby said he felt like going somewhere and hearing a band play, but had no clue on this holiday weekend where to go. I said (half jokingly) We should go see the American Idol Live concert tonight! But, I said Mal (our youngest) will be soooo mad at us! And we kind of were chatting about it and how much are tickets and what time does it start, when my cell phone rang and it was DD#2 calling on her lunch break wanting to know what we were doing tonight (actually last night, but stay with me on this).

I said I didn't know and why was she asking? She said, Well, her friend had 2 tickets to American Idol Live GIVEN to her, because the person couldn't go and she couldn't find anyone to go with her (and my daughter was at work...remember). I'm like what???? Here talk to your Dad....because there had to be some catch with this, right, I mean we were JUST talking about
it and now here is a great opportunity to actually go!!

So, we made arraignments to purchase these tickets from her friend

(at a decent....actually GREAT price)

and we were off to the concert.............

In a Suite no less....

To ourselves!!!!!!!!

No one else showed up in this suite....

no one,

just the two of us,

it was GREAT!

So, now let me back up, just a little bit.

We get there and we walk to the arena and there is a group forming

at the back where the buses park for the performers. It appears

they all have their own bus, or at least most do.

So, I go up to take my peek and who comes walking up

to sign autographs but,


Mal's going to be so mad at us!!!!

and let me tell you,

I do not have my zoom on my camera.

I am that close....

poor guys hair was everywhere....

But, he's still a cutie....

This is our view from our box suite seats....
not too bad huh!

It's starting already!

First of the Top 10 out is the

first voted off....


BIG screen picture...

I'm trying to get my camera set right at this point,

gosh, why don't they have a concert setting??

Then out comes

~Andrew Garcia~

Didi had one of these too,
but I didn't have my camera ready....

We were

Straight Up Now Baby

with Andrew....

you remember that great
version he did of Paula Abdul's song right??

He did GREAT!

Okay, now I've got it right with my camera

Isn't this a GREAT picture?
I am sooo proud of myself right now....

BIG screen photo....

She had everyone out of their seats dancing....
including me!!

LOL, I was having fun!

You got it....
~Tim Urban~
Mal's "favorite"....
she's gonna be soooo mad at us!

Wow, my zoom picked him up real well!

BIG screen photo....

Need I say more?
This is my husband's favorite!

We screamed with
The girl's got some pipes!

They all had some

crazy, cool


and some crazy outfits....
for her!

Okay, I forgot I was zoomed in....
~Aaron Kelly~

Great voice....

Big screen photo....

Then they mixed it up a bit with....

~Casey, Tim & Didi~
Sang a song together!

Then the "bottom" six perform together!


~BIG Mike~

Need I say more!

Big screen photo....

and he is....


The man has some vocals,
let me tell you!

and he plays guitar!

~Casey James~

Those are his legs you see....


can he play guitar!


Big screen photo....

and then.....

MY CAMERA DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Bowersox pictures....
Lee Dewyze pictures....


Mal's gonna be SOOOOO

mad at us!!!!!!


Did we have fun????


Happy 4th of July!


  1. What an AWESOME night! Don't you just love it when the universe intervenes for you?!

  2. I bet that was fantastic!! Sounds like a great time. A box to yourself??... WOW!~

  3. What great fun! We went last year to see American Idol live and it was a great show. You sure did score some fun seats. How funny how it all happen, it was just meant to be a evening for just the two of you to enjoy. wonderful pictures Lisa you did a great job..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  4. Wow! HOw fun! (speaking of Idol, I just had a great visit with David Archuleta from a previous season ... check out my blog, a couple of posts back.) Just found your blog and love it!


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