Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Putzin In The Yard....

Now that the weather is starting to warm up around here, we have done some fluffing in our yard. I thought I would share a few pictures of what we have so far!

First, I thought I would share this beautiful hanging basket. I hope I can keep it alive! I have never had one of these and truthfully I am not sure what it is, maybe a begonia? Anyway, it was one of my Mom's beautiful flowers from her funeral, so it holds special meaning to me. I have had it in the house because we have had terrible cold and rainy weather. But, yesterday it was begging to be outside!
I started planting these a few years ago and so every year I try and find them. The yellow are called Butterfly Daisy and not sure the little orangey one's, but they look like a mini petunia and are like a vine. The sun was hitting them so nice this morning, so I snapped a picture.

This is a new little tree we bought over the weekend. It is a Cleveland Pear, a fast grower so the tag says. We planted the 3 arborvitae about 5 yrs ago, they too were supposed to be "fast growers", my hubby said they've only grown about 4 inches! This spot gets the hot summer sun all day long. Hopefully in time our little tree will help to shade this spot up and the flowers will be able to flourish!

Hopefully this sign helps!

This spot is at the rear of our yard. The tree is another new one this year. You've gotta love Lowe's. One of the tree's we bought last year didn't survive....they replaced it this year. This is a Bradford Pear. My planter's on the fence (I have 4) have the coconut liner's. They all need to be replaced this year, haven't had any luck finding the smaller size. I have 3 old apple ladders along this stretch and I have climbing roses planted in front of them. Our whole yard, around our flower beds anyway, is bordered with rock found in our area. There must be hundreds! Every weekend we go out in the country and bring home a load or two. Some are huge....I've had to have physical therapy, lol. Getting to old I guess!

This spot is a nice place to sit and watch the birds or share the day. When we bought this Home 10 yrs ago there was an old metal shed on this spot and an old post from a gas grill where the Wiegelia Bush is. The owl by the door is on a post from an old chain link fence. I think we've made it look alittle bit better!
Well, off to another part of the yard. The weather is supposed to be in the mid-70's today. It's about time! Have a delightful day in your yard too!


  1. Everything looks beautiful. I've got to find time to spend in the flowers - I miss that so darn much. Hope you are doing better, such a hard time for all of you. My dad has his stroke one year ago yesterday and this has been a LONG year. Have a great day in the sunshine, Dawn

  2. Your yard looks so inviting. Makes me want to get to the garden store and get sprucing! Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. I love all of your flower beds. The pear tree is supposed to grow very fast. I have a friend who has two and she said she could practically SEE it grow!! I love your patio area with the canopy...perfect for a sunny day!


  4. You've done beautiful work in your yard! Love the way that folks bless the grieving with a plant instead of just flowers. That begonia will bring you comfort every time you look at it. "Grow" is just the kind of imperative one needs for her garden! I like it.

  5. Lovely! I especially love your "sittn" area.. very relaxing!

  6. That looks like a Begonia to me too. It's beautiful. Just keep it out of the hot sun and it should be happy. Glad to see you are out enjoying the fair days we've been having. I find that such good therapy. I, unfortunately, haven't had much time lately to get out and get my hands dirty yet. Looking forward to some time next week. Hope the weather cooperates with me!

  7. Lisa, it's all beautiful. Love all the nice visuals in your yard.

  8. It all looks just beautiful! I have an aborvitae and it's a slow grower. I've found Leyland Cypress to be a very fast grower and looks similar.


  9. JUST LOVE your "grow" sign - does it work? LOL

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