Thursday, March 25, 2010


to my Guest Room!
Please take a peek at what I have done,
to make your stay as comfortable as possible!
Keep in mind, most everything is done with
thrift finds, antique deals....
or treasures on hand....
I hope you enjoy your visit!

Your first peek....
the egg plates are finds from years ago,
and the delicate rose plate was picked up days ago
at Salvation Army for $2.99. I added the little green bow!

The bed linens are mostly new, but purchased clearanced.
The delicate quilt at the end of the bed is vintage and I have had
it for years. The bed is a 3/4 size, not quite full and not quite twin,
we purchased it at an auction about 16 yrs ago for our DD#2.
The mattress was new and customed made. Hopefully you like to
curl up in bed...because this one's just a tad short for tall people!
I found this metal picnic basket recently and had to have it!
It has wooden handles and I thought it would work great
for a bed tray of sorts. On the inside I can add some
necessities you might need for your stay! Or your welcome to
take a picnic to the park with it too!

And if you get alittle chilly during your stay, I have a
couple more vintage quilts hanging on this vintage towel bar.
Help yourself!

I'm still tweaking this corner of the room....
I need alittle something under the shelf, any ideas?
Oh and I'm adding a gender friendly, white robe to my
.69 cent rabbit hook from Hobby Lobby!
That way the "boyfriends" won't feel too girly....
I hope!
The shelf has been around for years and the tray is vintage,
along with the tole tumbler (vase to me) and tole tin pot.

This large picture caught my eye a year ago I believe,
at a local estate sale. I still love it and think it looks
perfect in this new spot!

I have really enjoyed finding tole trays in thrift stores, antique stores and on ebay! I've had this basket for a while and thought it would look cute hanging right below.

The black color just pops off the new color of the room!

This little throw pillow was purchased at a second hand store for
about $ to me, and it coordinates perfectly to the rest of the bedding!

This bed skirt was purchased at a totally separate thrift store.
As you can see it was only $3.00, and it's perfect!

The two white shams worked perfectly in the color scheme
and add a bit of crispness to the room. One is being used as
a dresser scarf and the other is on the back of the rocker. The
checked sham was the perfect color and I loved that it was checked.
I'm using that to cover the seat of the rocker, I think it ties it all in!

Here's a peak of the rocker. The two dark green shutters are
original to our Home...we found them in the basement crawl space
covered with dirt. I brought them in and hung a simple embroidered
napkin/hankie from the top with a vintage tole round tray and simple
green wreath. The door leads to another room and I thought you'd want privacy!
Libby had to be in the photos, hope your not allergic!

The tole tray over the bed is a recent purchase from ebay. I didn't think I'd win
but, I'm glad I did because it looks great with these little white plates. I purchased
those a few years back for cheap! The vintage metal tole tissue box is part of the
tumbler and container set on the shelf. I'm lovin' my tole!

It breaks my heart to go to a Thrift Store or Goodwill
and find someone's precious needlework for sale. The rocker
on the right was purchased about a year ago for a dollar. And the one
on the top was a recent purchase, I think I paid $7.99. It says:

The things
I prize of
greatest worth,
are just
the common
of earth.

Perfect for this room and I Love them!

This is my window curtain. The color doesn't show true,
but it is the perfect green to match the rest of the bedding!
Not a bad price either!

It hangs high. The window is down low and the
window sill touches even with the floor! The tie back
is an antique picture hanger that I have had for a few years,
and bought at an estate sale for $1.00. It has pink tassels on one end
which would, if used for a picture hang from the crown molding, and I just
tied the other end into a bow! It works!
My chippy metal dresser is in the corner. I have a better picture,
but I am having trouble adding in photos I forgot, for some reason.

Well, that's a little peek for now!
Hope you'll come back for a visit real soon!
Just in case you do....
I'll leave the light on for you!

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lisa - beautiful. Looks comfy cozy for every guest. I love the tray and plates over the bed.

    My guest room is still in process and I just can't find the quilt I want :(

  2. Just have to comment because I've been following this story along...looks great! Wish I had you for a personal shopper!!

  3. It looks beautiful. I didn't realize they made 3/4 beds...that's really neat. Love your cursor, too. :)

  4. Your guest room looks so cozy and inviting! I love all your thrifted touches, it makes it all so yummy!

  5. Lisa is looks so lovely.. seriously lovely! It's so cozy, who wouldn't want to be a guest in that room?! I just luv all the little touches here and there keeping comfort in mind. I luv that you bought each item separately, at different times, yet it all ties in so perfectly. Wonderful job. I'd go in there and pretend I was a guest if I was you. Have hubby bring you a nice warm drink and cozy in with a good book!

  6. What a precious guest room
    it looks so comfy in there.

    great job!
    glad you could get it done so quick-
    not me... i'm slower than that

  7. You are one busy bee! Love your home and all the sweet touches throughout it! My favorite is the tole painted trays! Oh my!


  8. It's beautiful! So, when are you open for guests? I'd like to make a reservation!

  9. Oh Lisa your guest room looks very inviting!
    I love all the bargains you found!
    I had to tell you I bought that same cross stitched picture of the rocker at a yard sale a few years ago!
    I love it and can't imagine someone giving away such a beautiful piece that someone put their heart into stitching!

    I am going to keep my eyes opened for tole trays from now on...after seeing yours I want one! :-)

    Have a fun weekend,
    Hugz, Dolly

  10. My mother had those black trays! Wonder where they are today?
    Hoosier hugs,


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