Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not Just Another Thrift Store Find....

Today started out with a quick bite to eat here at home
and coffee for the road. My husband and I were going
carpet shopping, for his room, his man room....
you know his own place in this house of girls!
Well, more on that later....
but on the way home I suggested we stop at our local
Thrift Store, here in our own little town. Sometimes
you might be able to find something...
but not always! He agreed. I usually head right to the
dishes and pictures area. Especially lately since I have
been re-doing our Guest Room....which I am still tweaking,
but I am LOVING it! So first I go to the pictures and
INSTANTLY, my eyes are drawn, no kidding, to these
two pictures. The colors in these pictures are GORGEOUS....
I don't even think I can do them justice in this post,
I mean really, they are beautiful....
and I had to have them....
but I had to convince him first. They were marked $39.99, down to $19.99 each,
and for a Thrift Store picture, to me that was a bit high.
But, he soon found me and he agreed they were beautiful,
but wanted to go Home and "google" them first....
so we did! And of course I ran right back to the
Thrift Store and purchased them both!
They are J G Keulemans Lithographs


Framed somewhere in Chicago....
a loooong time ago. The backing is in very poor shape,
but the fronts are beautiful!

~Burmese Roller~

~Coracias Spatulatus~

~no real price found~

~worth at least $165.00~

Apparently the guy was born in 1842 and died at the age of 69
in 1912. I am very excited about these pictures and would appreciate
anyone with knowledge on art like this to advise me of what steps
I should take to maintain these pictures! Even if they are not
priceless pieces of art....I think they are worthy of
preserving in some way!

They are large pictures, 17 x 21 and matted nicely,
all seems to be original too!

By far, THE BEST find I have ever found in a Thrift Store!

My husband told me at dinner tonight, basically
that he doesn't always care for what I bring home from
a Thrift Store, but he thinks these are a Great buy....
and he gave me a sweet potato!
(knuckle bump for those who don't know, lol)


  1. GORGEOUS! What a STEAL! Don't know anything about them but I LOVE THEM!


  2. What a great find!
    and gorgeous to boot.

    I think they look fabulous- your guest should love them.

  3. Oh Lisa! My first reaction to seeing the pictures was to gasp. They are so beautiful. My second reaction was pure jealousy because I want them! LOL, that's ok. You did good, girl!!

  4. Oh I'm delighted for you...have no information to help, but what you've shared gave me goosebumps! Super find! Now enjoy them...

  5. They are beautiful, what a find!

  6. Just lovely! A great find for sure. WE always buy what we love don't we. Some times things just call out to us.
    Have a great day!!
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  7. They are beautiful and such a great deal!

  8. Those are just beautiful. I would have bought them too. I love pictures of birds and those are really lovely!


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