Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time To Move On....

from the Snow that is coming down outside my window right now! I mean really, have we NOT had enough of this stuff already? Please....make it stop! But we are supposed to get 6-12 inches in the next 24 to 28 hours they say. My DH called me on his way to work this morning and someone had spun out and went right into the ditch right in front of him. He said they just missed the guard rail. Slow down people....it's snowing!

Also, it's time to move on from my last post! First I want to Thank everyone who stopped by and offered support, knowledge and wisdom! It is very much appreciated and I read every single one with an open heart! Please know that I have done and do alot of what everyone has suggested. I just did not post about my disciplinary actions....my post was way too long as it was. Taking away privileges is a BIGGY here! In raising 3 daughters, our oldest being 21 yrs old, this is not my first issue with this sort of thing. BUT, each child is different and different ways of handling them work for each one. We all get frustrated at times and I know that! I am not the only one that lets things slide at times. I am not needing a part time job, getting out of the house is not the issue! It is the whole realm of things! Like I have always said when my older two still lived at Home....It takes 5 of us to make the house messy....it takes 5 of us to keep it clean!! That is the real issue around here. Now there is 3 of us to make the house messy and it takes 3 of us to keep it clean! But somewhere along the way I lose the other 2 mess makers! And that is when frustration builds on my part and a good venting is needed! Thank you for allowing me to do so!

Now on to BETTER topics!

I want to paint and the paint store is too far for me (at least in my comfort zone) to travel in this kind of weather today! You know those kind of days that they say: IF you don't have to get out and travel you shouldn't? Well, that is the case here today. I don't have to....but, I Want Paint! I have rooms I could be re-doing while the snow is coming down! I have BIG plans for my kitchen and BIG plans for my master bedroom.

Speaking of paint, what finish do you use in your bedrooms, opposed to your kitchens and living rooms? Flat, eggshell, satin? Just curious! I haven't painted our MB in about 9 yrs and I think it is done in flat. The walls are the old plaster with all the bumps and pock marks from years of dwellers that have done who knows what in these rooms.

Character is what it has....lots of character!

Also I am {thinking} about painting a large portion of my kitchen wall in blackboard paint. BUT, my question is has anyone every done this and THEN decided they didn't like it after awhile? Can you paint over it? Does it look funny if you do? Just thoughts!

Again, any wisdom or knowledge is welcome! Thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. Lisa, we are getting a LOT of snow right now too. Schools are closed, hub's is coming home early, but it's going to take him forever. We don't get a plow, so we have to dig ourselves out... what a mess! On the bright side, when he does get home, I've got my family safe and sound. We'll just wait out the bad weather, and dream of Spring.


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