Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Cold Outside....

so I'm staying warm with a cuppa hot coffee
and a good book! How about you?


  1. Sounds wonderful to me. I just got home and plan to take a hot bath and get warm and comfy.
    It is soooo cold!

  2. I've been reading and looking at decorating magazines.

  3. I'm doing the same thing. It is SO cold here, and we are getting ready for our first "big snow" of the season. It will be lots of warm drinks, and plenty of time for reading the next day or two. Enjoy yours!

  4. Sounds fun! Not cold here, and I have a long to do list. Enjoy for me!

  5. Lisa,
    Very cold here in Ireland too, Im sitting at the fire after completing a wall hanging I was making so now Im blogging and might start a new cross stitch although it is after 10 at night so might just watch tv. Hope you enjoy your book.

    All things nice...

  6. My sentiments exactly. It is very cold and snowing here in PA. Only I did not read a book. I blogged a bit and then I made my son a birthday dinner and cake. It did warm up the house though.
    Stay warm!!!


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