Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed....

I try my best to make my HOME a warm and welcoming place for my family and friends! But, truthfully, lately I am feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and the size of my home. As some of you may know, we have two college age daughters who no longer "live" here on a weekly basis. But, they do come home from time to time and rummage thru their things and take what they want and leave the rest! Leaving the rest....for mom to deal with! That is where the problem starts. I am an at HOME mom....but, I can only pick up after them for so long. If it were just a dish left on a table or shoes in the wrong area, no problem. But I am talking about totes brought down from the attic and messed up and left, more often then not all over the floorand not neatly. I am overwhelmed and just need to vent to some others who may know how I feel! I don't mean to be negative, any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks for stopping and understanding!


  1. You have posted this at the exact time that I was just mentioning this to my daughter!
    I hate when they come home and do that!
    When they leave, you get things back to normal, and when they return they leave a trail of destruction!
    I need to just rent them an apartment when they come home for the summer and winter break!
    Is that possible? Well, financially not for me!
    But in my mind it would be sheer bliss!
    I say, put their things in storage. Have them pay the monthly fee, and when they need something they can just rummage through the storage garage!!! No mess for you to clean up!
    But I feel your pain! =(

  2. Joshua will be getting a 'chat to...' tomorrow about this same exact issue. It isn't that we have not pointed out this before, it is he isn't focused nor absorbs that we mean it, but he will tomorrow.

    TTFN ~ Marydon
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  3. Yes! I definitely know how you feel. I have had the same problem over the years. It gets better once they have their own homes then you can deliver it to them. Something I did to help was create our Man Room. We took a room and decorated it with old memorabilia all over the walls like at Applebees. People are delighted with all the pictures and awards and letter jackets and even sports equipment.

  4. I went through this with my oldest child when he left home. I didn't want to toss out his things but I got tired of feeling like I was nothing more than his maid. He was young so I excused his behavior. Now that he is gone (and my daughter, too!) I have to say the UP-SIDE of being an empty nester to two married children is that they are now responsible for MOST of their junk. What they can't take now (they both rent) I store in my attic with their names on the boxes.

    It is pure freedom. It's out of my face!

    You are 100% on with your feelings. Don't allow them to take advantage of you. I did and then finally got to the point I said NO MORE! Even now when they visit...they have to help clean up unless IIIIII say otherwise!

    Blessings to you~ I share you heart!


  5. Here I thought I was the only one with that problem! Sometimes, when they leave, I just shut the door to their room for a few days and forget about it. Only to realize, I totally forgot about it until the day before they are to return. LOL Then, I work hard to clean it and see it left the same way again. Sigh....I don't know why we do it. It's an endless battle, I try to remind myself that one day all too soon, they'll really be off and not coming back for those extended breaks. And truth be told, if we dumped it in their rooms and left it for when thye come back, they'd probably ask why it's there and just step over it until they were gone again. LOL Hang in there Lisa!

  6. I have tried every way possible to deal with this and I am finally convinced that we will be taking care of our baby birds much longer after they leave the nest, possibly forever...When they have homes and families of their own, they will realize how easy we made it look.


  7. Oh how well I remember those days! We are in the process of downsizing from our old historic home and, I have to tell you, it feels great! What freedom!!! Just remember that it won't be long and they will be gone to their own homes - and you WILL miss them. Dawn

  8. All I can say my friend is Been there Done that!!! Having had 4 children and now 10 Grandchildren...nothing is ever where it should be when they are here...They leave... I clean til next time...Somehow, I've made peace with it all. They all love to be here and I love having them here when they come, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. Excuse me mother, I believe you are refering to Amanda. Who has a majority of the attic full of stuff, the backroom, Mallorys old room, and the old kitchen.

    I only have two totes, and they are in the attic.

  10. I have no advice, Lisa. It just makes me feel better knowing that it happens to other Moms as well. I went through it with my own 4 kids and now I watch my Grandchildren do the same thing to their parents. Yikes! Is it a right of passage or something?

  11. I just shut the door to their room for a few days and forget about it

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