Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Couldn't Be More Proud....

Of this girl! Mallory is 14 yrs old and is a freshman in H.S. She is very talented musically and she is also becoming so in sports. She has alot of friends, but at this age "friends" can be so cruel. She tries to be a friend to everyone, even those that others may not want to be associated with. This makes us as her parents very proud! She also makes wise choices for her age. For example, this past Saturday she was invited to a movie night/sleepover at a "friends" house. There were 7 girls total, all 14 yrs old. The movie was just to be watched at this particular friends house where the sleepover was. No problem right? Wrong! I drop her off there at the designated time of 7:30 p.m. and within half an hour I get a text message from Mallory saying they are all watching the movie Paranormal Activity! Hmmm, that movie is not even out yet, I am told by Hillary her 19 yr old sister and she, who doesn't mind scarey movies won't see it and none of her "college age" friends will either. And IF they have, they have been totally creeped out by it! Amanda, my 21 yrd old, along with her boyfriend say the same thing. Mallory texts that she is ALONE in her friends bedroom while the other 6 girls are out watching the movie. Her choice, and I might say it was a very wise choice and that makes us VERY proud of her! She admittedly does not like scarey movies, so even though she was an invited "friend" to this movie night, KNOWING Mallory was not interested in the movie and was ALONE in the bedroom for 2 hours, they all kept watching this movie and left her by herself. I asked her several times if she wanted to come home and she said No she would just wait for them to be done! She knows how cruel "friends" can be and she would end up paying the consequence if she did leave! She is not that kind of friend! The mother was not home either, but she is the one that somehow got a copy of this movie and left these 14 yr olds to watch it. We advised Mallory not to listen to any of their stories about this movie, because her mind does not sit well with that sort of thing. It is disturbing and she knew it would bother her. I am proud, because she told these "friends" that her Mom doesn't want her watching this movie and she stuck to it! Needless to say, there are those that are still today having trouble because they watched that movie. And I am sure the others won't admit they are as well. I say this because the topic of this movie keeps popping up at their lunch breaks at school which is keeping it on all their minds. Demon talk, as such, that these girls should not even be having. Two of these girls missed school on Monday. One said she lost soooo much sleep that she started throwing up and blamed it on the movie. The other won't admit to it, but is saying she just had a sore throat....right! My problem with all of this is that they even had the movie at all AND what kind of "friends" do that, invite someone over and leave them alone for 2 hrs in another room? And where are the parents when these things are going on? Am I too protective? Am I the weird one that thinks this is wrong? I would NEVER allow my daughters to invite friends over and leave one out or have activities that they ALL wouldn't enjoy! And they wouldn't do that anyway! It's not right and I don't understand people that do that! But, one thing is for sure....I as her mother, am VERY PROUD of her choices and the kind of FRIEND she is!


  1. Now that IS something to be proud of for sure. And when she gets home from school today, I'm going to show this post to MY 14 year-old Mallory. What is your Mal's middle name? Mine is Mallory Kate. Have a great day and give Mallory a high five for me!

  2. Lisa,
    What a great thing to have a kiddo that doesn't cave to peer pressure and who knows themself and is true to themself! She has groundwork for a great life ahead of her!

  3. Yep proud mama you should be! Your training her up to do what's right, and not be a follower. My BIGGEST complaint would be 7, 14 year olds home alone... I'd make sure THAT doesn't happen again.

  4. What an inspiration. What a joy Mallory must be to you.

    Please tell her that even though there will be times she THINKS she is along, she never his. God is right there by her side.


  5. Mallory is a great kid, she stuck to her guns and did not become a follower. I am sure there were a few other girls who really didn't want to watch the movie either,but would not speak up.
    And yes "Where was the Mother" a good question.
    I don't like those kind of movies either and we have never had them in our home.
    Big hugs for Mallory and for Mom and Dad for raising a "smart" daughter.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. Lisa,
    You have every right to be proud of your daughter. At 14 she is very mature and knows her own mind. What a blessing that is. She is a strong young lady who obviously is not going to be swayed by "peer pressure" and that is HUGE. You have to be proud of how this wonderful girl was brought up! Way to go Mom.

  7. I am sure there were a few other girls who really didn't want to watch the movie either,but would not speak up.

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