Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tryin' & Tweakin'....

I love how night pictures look! I think it looks more Homey and inviting, plus it just adds so much more, at least to me. But, I haven't quite mastered how to get that look and not have my pictures look blurry and on the orangey side. This is the Tryin' part!

This is a shot of my entry area. I have a very narrow area from the front door and it runs right along our staircase going upstairs. There's enough room for a small table, I have baskets stacked there and an old dining room chair next to the table. Hopefully, it's inviting!

This is a straight shot into our "fancy living room", you know the kind that usually only get used on holidays! There is no full wall to have any piece of furniture up against it. One wall of windows, one wall with 3 seperate windows and the fireplace, and 2 walls have huge archways. So I have to try and make a sitting area in the middle and make it cozy!

And here is the tweakin' part. My cupboard again. With my Harvest Festival purchases from this weekend. The painted board with the house on it, love it! The Sweet Annie wreath, smells wonderful, again love it! And the candle holder coming off the side is prim red and was only $3.00, gotta love that! I put a really short candle and a berry ring on it. The candle looks like a little light bulb in the picture, because I am having trouble getting clear shots. Oh Well!
My hubby and I had a wonderful time this weekend! He has been busy today decorating around the yard with cornstalks, sumac and pumpkins. I will post those pictures another day!
Hope your weekend was a relaxing one!


  1. what wonderful ambiance...may I come and sit a spell???

  2. Boy, I wish I had a hubby who was interested in my decorating. The most I get out of him is the lights on the house at Christmas.
    Sure does look cozy in there! I love how the light gets in the fall. It makes you want to feather nest and come in from the outside.

  3. Depending on the type of camera you are using... here are some tips. A tripod will definitely aid in clearer pictures. Surprisingly, even breathing while taking a shot, can make an image blurry. No flash makes for much better night pictures. If using a digital camera, and you can make adjustments, you want to slow down the shutter speed. Also, if your camera has a self timer, set that. You would be surprised, how just pushing the button, can affect the clarity.

    I agree, cozy night shots are so eye pleasing.

  4. Lucky you to have a hubby that will decorate the yard!! Mine won't even do the Christmas lights. My teenagers have taken over that job from me as of last year. Your night shots are very fun!!

  5. Oh yes, you have achieved you goal - it is cozy and inviting! Don't you love having a hubby that will help you? Have a great week! Dawn


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