Friday, September 25, 2009

Hibiscus & Mums....

My Hibiscus is beautiful again this year!
Though the flower is not as big as usual!

But my mums....still amaze me with their size!
I bought 12 of these about 4 yrs ago, on clearance and very small, for .25 cents each. I have lost a few, due to weather, ladders, etc. But the ones that have survived keep coming back and I have to say....they stop traffic sometimes. I may have occasionally, at one time or another, fertilized them. But typically just water and Mother Nature!
I just love the pumpkin color!

This is one plant....
But they seem too early this year also!

Here's a view from another direction, lining the walk in front of our Home.

I picked this banner up at Menards a few weeks ago. I thought it was too cute!
It also tells you what my hubby and I will be doing this weekend.
What about you?
Have a wonderfully fun weekend whatever your plans!


  1. Wow, I think those are some of the hugest mum's I have ever seen. Love the color.

  2. Love your mums...I'm gonna get some orange ones also...heard they come back every year gonna try and plant them this time...very nice!

  3. Your mums are beautiful! And they are my favorite color - everyone seems partial to yellow but the ones that are the same color as pumpkins seem to be the perfect fit for me. You are very fortunate that they keep coming back well - you must be zoned for them to be a perennial. Looks like your quarters were very well spent. Beautiful - love them- From a mum grower! Have a great Sunday! Cathy


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