Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sad & Happy....

Approximately 2 weeks ago our daughter had to have a new computer system put in her car. So she had to use my 97 Dodge Caravan for transportation while at college so she could get back and forth to her job.

I lovingly called this van my Homey Hauler and that is what she was referred to by our girls friends also. You see that van and I have been thru many things together and with all of her bumps, dings and rust, I still loved her!

She had two 80 to 100 foot trees fall on her 1 year apart, blowing out both front and back windows, completely covering her and throwing glass everywhere. Drawing neighbors each time to see what happened to our van, not believeing that we still had this vehicle! One neighbor as a storm was approaching last year, jokingly called asking if my van was okay? It was, she withstood that storm!

She made it up the side of a mountain during a Spring Break trip to Kentucky, when we all thought we were going right off the side of that mountain....she got us there! She hauled many Christmas trees longer then her frame home so we could enjoy the holiday. Last year almost losing her driver door in the process, a story I am not to repeat!

But, that last trip north proved to be more then she could handle and we had to say Goodbye to my friend! I did so enjoy driving her!

But, having to have transportation and quick, my husband and I spent a good two days searching and I now have a new friend....only Homey Hauler just doesn't fit! Oh Well, something will come to me!

I have to say.....
I kind of like her too!


  1. I have had my Toyota Hylander for 8 1/2 years. We call her Goldie, well because she is Gold.. same color as yours pictured above. I LOVE her too. When it comes time to part, I think I'll keep a visor, wiper blade, something.. to remember her by. She too has been so faithful with every start. HA! Isn't if funny, how we get so attached to things. OF course a new Toyota Venza would help me get over the separation real quick. LOL!

  2. Great new car!. I know how you feel about giving up the old faithful car. It's funny when we purchase our new car we could not find her in the parking lot at first with out beeping the lights, we were still looking for our old faithful.LOL
    Happy Fall,

  3. Must be something in the air! I had to turn in my lease on my Ford Escort - which I LOVED! Ended up buying a PT Cruiser, which is really cute, but even with the back seats down - it sure doesn't haul as much! Oh well, we all make whatever vehicle bring our goodies home. Have a great day, Dawn

  4. Ahh..she is a rather smart looking car...very Diva if you ask me. A country Diva for sure..
    VERY nice.
    I have a question. You have always been the first one on my Blogs I follow list...and suddenly you vanished. Since I am very uncertain about blogging yet...I thought at first you had removed yourself..and I felt bad..but I was told that doesn't happen. So I went to my "reader" list and attempted to put you back on my sidebar..but it would go. I entered you by the name on your blog. Do you have another way of listing yourself. Some bloggers do..such as their first name and the name of their blog. Can you help so I can return you to your rightful place? Thanks so much...
    And...I like your new car. Mine is going on Ten years old soon and I wouldn't trade my truck for anything I LOVE to haul stuff! :) and like yours is my bud.

  5. Looks like an awesome ride to me! Have fun with your new vehicle sorry about the old gal though.

  6. I loved getting new cars. It's fun! Working in the automotive industry now, the fun sort of wears off. I miss that. Enjoy your new Pacifica? I believe based upon the pics. :-)


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