Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Have Been Inspired....

to Summerize our Master Bedroom.
So many of you have such wonderful ideas
and I finally have been bitten by the bug!

This little wicker tray holds a Rose themed pitcher
my mother gave me one year,
along with a crocheted doiley she made for me.
I also used one my little embroidered tea napkins
I purchased at my last estate sale and then of course
a few fun magazines are needed just in case!

I just fell In Love with this sign when I purchased it
and knew right where it belonged!

I have had these plates on this pretty green ribbon for a few years
and could never really find the right place for them....
I think I finally did!

I found this little quilt set at a local department store,
it is really light weight and comfortable in these extremely warm
temps we are having. I was happy to see it in my color scheme
with the deep plums and soft khaki color. My walls are sort of a
goldish color, remember wall magic? Well, my oldest daughter painted
them for me not long after we moved here about 9 yrs ago
(which would have made her about 12 yrs old). And the curtains
are a deep plum color. We get all morning, early morning sun, so they help with
being able to sleep in a bit longer on the summer weekends!

Who doesn't need that!

So that is what I have been working on the last few days.
I really am pleased with how it turned out!
Thanks for stopping by,
I really appreciate all of the kind comments you all leave!
Please stop by again!

I almost forgot, the table at the end of the bed was made by my husband and it is mission style made from cherrywood!

Sorry about the blurry pictures, that happens to me sometimes!


  1. Its a very pretty room. Love the big rustic ladder with the quilts and plates. The whole thing is soooo cozy.

  2. I am in Love with your bedroom.
    My bedroom is always the last room to be decorated...I'm not sure why that is.
    Yours is so cozy and comforting. I bet you have many sweet dreams in there!
    You did a fantastic job!

  3. Very pretty change up for summer. I like the deep plum touches.

  4. Wow...what a beautiful bedroom. Mine needs some help..but I just am not at all sure what to do with it.
    You did a wonderful job..your colors are gorgeous! All the little added touch..the plates on the wall..everything! I love it! Cozy, comfortable and inviting. The perfect bedroom!!
    ~smiles and love~

  5. Great idea to make some changes to your bedroom! It all looks great! I seem to always focus on decorating other rooms besides our bedroom.

  6. LOL..looking through your pics and reading your post, I had it in mind to ask what was at the end of your bed! And, then, there at the end, you read my mind! Thank you very much! LOL The room is beautiful and I agree, those plates are perfect exactly where you put them! I have a new bedding set I got for Christmas and have not yet begun to redecorate our bedroom. I JUST picked paint colors last week! I've redecorated each of the 3 girls rooms 2 or 3 times over EACH and mine is exactly the same as when we first moved here. Sigh....wish I had your talent for pulling things together. But, you HAVE inspired me to get busy! So, I'll get crackin' and give it my best shot!

  7. Your bedroom is lovely and very calming. Looks like a good place to take a great nap or get a good night's rest. I love the quilt and the table at the end of the bed.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    Your bedroom looks so pretty and so comfortable. I have always wanted a chest in front of my bed, but I have never had enough room to put one there. I sure do love the look of your room.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  9. Love your summer touches...very, very pretty!

  10. What a beautiful bedroom you have. I like what you've done with it.

  11. What a beautiful sanctuary you have created for yourself and your husband. I like the summery touches. I can't wait until we have our bedroom painted--the job starts next weekend, after the kitchen--and I can focus on the decorating and arranging again. My favorite part! I will be inspired by you...

  12. I was inspired by your bedroom redo. Great Job! I have also enjoyed browsing your blog. I came over from Daisy Cottage. Come and visit me at

  13. Peaking at your blog today and will visit again. I have gone back and viewed your posts and I love your home. I will peak again.

  14. Wow, it looks so beautiful and cozy! I could snuggle right in and stay awhile. What a cool idea with the ladder to hold quilts.
    I am so I glad I found your blog.

  15. What a beautiful charming home you have. Your bedroom looks warm & inviting. Happy 4th to you and yours.


  16. What a cozy room.....soooooooooo pretty!



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