Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Is Here....

I know this because I finally took down my Easter decorations!
And put up some Red, White and Blue!
To greet my Backdoor Guests!
Welcome Summer!


  1. Hi Lisa! Remember me? I'm the other Mallory's mom! Love Summer although you would NEVER know it's Summer where I live. It has rained all month long and all of my precious flowers are drowning. I'm talking thick low clouds and thunderstorms every single day! Yuck!
    Your back entry looks adorable!

  2. Back door guests are best! Your entry says "summer" all over it and is just great! Have a great day, Dawn

  3. what a wonderful way to greet guests to your home!!!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Your 4th of July welcome is wonderful and festive. I love it! and your garden is lovely and so full of pretty colorful plants. It all looks great!.
    Enjoy your day,

  5. I suddenly feel a patriotic mood coming over me!

  6. Just too darned cute! What a cute back entry that I am really curious about the front...did I miss anything? Hmmmmm?? :)

  7. Me too! But I got ya beat - I did mine a couple of weeks ago! Have a great week!

  8. It looks great Lisa!! PLEASE tell me the color on your beadboard walls, I love it! Your tile looks very much like my kitchen floor and I'm searching for a new color to paint my cabinets and beadboard. Please get back to me, THANKS!! xo Sue


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