Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mourning Dove....

aren't there supposed to be two? I heard they mate forever....
How sad to see this one all alone!
On a rainy day....


  1. Hmmm...I didn't know that! We have all kinds of Mourning Doves here. (Sometimes too many, I love to hear their song, but they are SO messy.) You can be sure I'll be paying attention their numbers from now on!

  2. I hope its mate is nearby! I always see pairs in my yard! Have a great week Lisa!!

  3. Awww~ I hope it's mate shows up soon! I remember waking up to their cooing when I was a child. There was a power line not too far from my bedroom window they always roosted on. It looks like we have the same weather today.

  4. I know exactly what that little morning Dove feels like. Been there, done that. I shall return! :)

  5. Maybe he's out getting dinner (:

  6. Sorry I don't stop by more often to comment on your blog....I do enjoy reading it when I have the time.
    We have several mourning doves at our house too...I often see them by themselves....sometimes you just have to be away from your mate for a bit :)
    I love to hear their song!


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