Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where's Joan?....

Without her Decorating makes No-Cents!!!
I turned on my HGTV to watch Decorating Cents
this morning and there was some other person hosting the show!
What's up with that?! I did not care for the whole
"tone" of the show. It just wasn't the same without her
cheery, upbeat personality.
Why is everything changing? Our magazine's are being canceled
and now our favorite TV hosts are being replaced.
Am I the only one that is not happy??
If your interested....here are a few sites that are related.
Apparently, Decorating Cents "is/was" going to be canceled!

But, I still want to know....

Where's Joan???


  1. Me, too...I want to know why ALL my favorite decorating shows are GONE...Kitty Barthomew, Country Style.....I used to watch HGTV all the time but seldom turn it on now.
    And, the magazines...bwaaaaa.....I want 'em back!!

  2. Girl the channel has changed so much I don't even like it. They are getting into some stuff i could care less apart. I want decorating shows. I could careless about buying house in other countries. Teach us some ways to decorate on a low cost and what is popular.

  3. Oh-No-Say-it-aint-So! My husband hasn't let me get cable for years...I am facing some family restructuring this summer and was so looking forward to getting my HGTV. I used to watch it all the time. Being a home daycare provider I could watch when the kids were napping or playing. booohooooo!! I hate that it would not be worth watching anymore!!
    Blessings- LillySue

  4. On the blog, which I have just read, I recognize the person who above all, loves and respects his family, and your home, I sincerely greet you! Edward Rogers

  5. Wow, really? I love Joan too. Isn't that show just the best? I always am interested in decorating for less money, so I have really enjoyed Joan and all her decorating tips. It kind of reminds me of when they replaced Page Davis on Trading Spaces, and then she ended up coming back. Just isn't the same without the original host! Amy :)

  6. I was a dedicated viewer of HGTV and now, not-so-much. I would faithfully view Country Style, Kitty Bartharlomew and Homes Across America. I wish the channel would get back to the basics of home and garden. The shows tend to lean to a more modern asthetic. What about those of us who enjoy the beauty of country design?

  7. I'm new to your blog and I, too, am from MI :) Glad you mentioned that about Joan not being the host on Decorating Cents anymore...thought it was just me but I don't care for the new format either...it's just not the same so I don't watch it anymore!

    Happy Tuesday to you!

    Blessings :)
    ~Michelle (Treasure the Moment)

  8. No Joan.....why? I'm not such a fan of HGTV anymore. There isn't much on that interests me. I wish they had some good shows about traditional decorating.

    take care, DebraK

  9. I love decorating cents. So I can't imagine what it would be like without her. Let me know if you find out. Bummer!

  10. Isn't it awful?! I loved Kitty Bartholomew-(spelling?)You're Home, Country Style and of course, Decorating Cents. Everything is House Hunters and reruns. I liked it when shows went to people's homes and showed how they decorated their homes themselves. Much better than what's on now. Can we revolt???? Sigh......

  11. I thought I was the only one who was getting sick of the new HGTV format. Every night it is the same old thing...House Hunters, Property Virgins, and the like. I am bored to tears with those shows. I agree with all those who have commented...where are the traditional home dec shows????? It's like they've lost their way and are looking for a new target audience. ugh!

  12. HGTV isn't the same. I like yard crashers though mostly they seem to renovate california homes. http://www.owtraditions.com

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