Thursday, March 12, 2009

Letting Go....

I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful daughter Hillary!
She is in college now but, this week is home for Spring Break.
Well, she was home for Spring Break ....

until yesterday morning at about 9:15 a.m. Tuesday night at about midnight
she got a call from her roommate at college wanting to know if she would like
to go to South Carolina with her and another girl from college.
Don't think momma didn't want to put the ca putz on that idea!
My baby going to SC with other babies....I mean
they are ONLY 18 yrs old!! But, my husband told me I have to
Let Go!
How do I do that?? That's not what mom's do!
Does this mean she can make her own decisions now?
Does this mean I can't tell her what to do anymore....I mean....
give her advice anymore? And don't think I wasn't worried
about her all night long!! They made it to their destination at
1:04 a.m.
She did do as I asked, which was
"Call me as soon as you get there!"
And of course we text'd a few times in between,
thank goodness for cell phones!
Oh yeah, they plan on taking a "day trip" to Florida and
then come back on Saturday!
My hubby says this is good for her....aahhh, to be young again!!!

So, yesterday I finally got my new BH & Gardens replacement issue for the NO LONGER....Country Home magazine! I decided to enjoy it with my morning coffee and a blueberry turnover I purchased at the bakery! It is a really nice issue and I have high hopes for the issues to come. I did notice also this morning that Wal-Mart has a commercial out that starts with women looking at BH & Garden magazines. How creative to market their magazines thru the commericals for Wal-Mart! It makes me want to go there now and see what they have for my home. Maybe I will do that to take my mind off of my baby/grown-up daughter being soo far from home! I hope she enjoys her trip and makes some happy memories with her friends....

I'm just not used to letting go!!


  1. I don't know what to tell you on this one. I don't have children...well step children 10 & 13, but I'm an only child and my Mother still calls me her baby and I haven't been 18 for a long long time. But now that I'm older I worry about my Mother and keep tabs on her out of concern. So I understand what you are saying. Just don't have any advice to give you.

  2. Oh Lisa, welcome to my world. Even though two of my girls are well over their twenties and have lives of their own, I still have to know their okay, and for some reason if their is on her way, and I don't care how far they are!, hubby is right, they just need to experience independence, as long as it's with the right company.

  3. I feel for you honey! My oldest is 16 and I can see those days coming!! We held her back in first grade and she was an older student anyway (Her birthday is in Dec.). Soooo she won't actually graduate High School till she is 19 1/2. Praise God!! She is my bone-headed independent one, so we shall see how compliant she is once she turns 18. I am expecting the "as long as you are living under our roof" talk with her to be a regular conversation till she actually graduates. I just try to remember how mature and responsible she is. Driving is what we are starting to face now.
    Blessings- LillySue

  4. I totally know how you are feeling! Letting go sounds so easy, but it is the hardest thing we do as parents. My son is 21 and in college too. When he was 18 he went with a group of friends to Tennessee to a music festival (we live in PA). I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was away. It does get easier though (maybe a little bit! :) Amy :)

  5. I so feel for you because I am right up there with these feelings. My daughter turns 18 next month. We agreed she could go to Mexico for spring break with some friends and parents. Now there is a drug war going on over there and some of the girls have had the sense to drop out. Right now I am patiently waiting for her to make the decision because she has to learn to think on her own. However, I will step in if this situation in Mexico continues and she hasn't changed her mind. It is a tight~rope act.


  6. I know exactly how you feel. Letting go is the most painful and difficult thing I have ever experienced. I have an 18 year old and a 20 year old. I hate it! I feel completely un- needed. Seeing them make less than stellar choices and hard.

  7. It isn't easy this letting go. I'm surprised that it was dad who suggested that your daughter be "allowed" to go.

    As I recall, I used to console myself knowing that the Lord was always with the kids and also by telling myself that I'd make a very small world for them. I really did want them to enjoy opportunities that came along. Course, I prayed like crazy!

    What fun do you have planned for when she returns? Gotta always have something tucked up your sleeve!

  8. Boy do I agree with ya about your daughter. My daughters are 19 & almost 18 now and they have recently told me to let go. And our husbands are siding with them...what's up with that? They just don't have that emotional bond with them like we do. :) I think that letting go a little bit at a time is what is needed....not all at once. Yes, thank God for cell phones...they are a real comfort. And your baby called you and texted like you asked...that shows respect and love for you. She's a good girl.

    Your breakfast looks really good. Now I'm hungry. LOL

    Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend!!!

    Hugs & Blessings,



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