Monday, March 30, 2009


Hope you Enjoy our meal!

We're having ~homemade~ Chicken Pot Pie!

with a simple salad....

hot and fresh from the oven!!!

Hope you can stay awhile!


  1. That chicken pot pie looks sooooo delicious! I love great comfort food meals, and this is one of my favorites! Amy :)

  2. No Way! That is what I am making for dinner tonight!
    I have been craving a homemade chicken pot pie, and I bought all the ingredients this past weekend!
    What a coincidence!

  3. Morning girl...ohhhh you need a scratch & sniff on here for that chicken pot pie!!!! No fair..where is the recipe???? lol lol

    Thanks so much for thinking of me with the award sweetie...I have that one on my side bar so if it is ok I'll add your name to it...I am just not good with giving out is too hard for me to pick and choose...but I am so humbled that you thought of me...take care and have a great week....I need to go find something to eat now! lol

  4. Lisa~
    That looks Heavenly! When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time at my Grama's house because my Sister was in the hospital a lot. Every Friday night Grama would make me a Swanson's chicken pot pie because it was my favorite. (and we would watch "The Lawrence Welk Show) I was devastated when we all discovered how bad hydrogenated fat is for you because, of course, those pies are full of it! I do know homemade is ALWAYS better, but they were just a special treat from my childhood. Now I am not supposed to eat wheat either....I need to come up with a good wheat free pie crust....and SOON!!
    Blessings- LillySue

  5. Hi Lisa,

    This supper looks so good. I love chicken pot pie, especially when it's homemade. :) That little chicken on top is so cute.

    Hugs & Blessings,


  6. This pie looks absolutely yummy! I haven't had homemade chicken pot pie in ages.

    Your last few posts with food have been making me feel guilty for not going out of my comfort zone with dinners lately. I haven't been planning in advance so it has been pretty much meat & potatoes. Nothing to write home about! LOL! Thank you for the inspiration!


  7. Hi Lisa,
    Oh My, that looks delicious!. I just ate some cream of wheat for breakfast(how boring). Your homemade chicken pot pie really does look yummy.
    Now that I am really hungry, I will just have to drink my tea and now wait for lunch.

    Have a wonderful day,

  8. Yummmm....what time shall I be there for dinner?

  9. Thank you so much for the compliments. I appreciate that. This blogging has been so much fun! I am still learning...
    Thank you so very much for telling me where to get the little moss bunnies on a stick. I was there recently and I didn't see them. I must go back and get at least one for my Patio table. Just so cute!!
    ~smiles and joy~

  10. Oh that does look delicious. Now I think that I probably am going to have chicken pot pie soon. I am highly suggestible. Apparently, it's a common affliction in Blogdom.


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