Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You LillySue....

This award was given to me by LillySue....! I am a little behind on posting about sorry LillySue! I am honored that you thought of me when choosing people to give this to! In LillySue's words: The requirements are to list 10 things about yourself and then pass it on to others......Here goes!

  1. I am not very good at this sort of thing!
  2. I am the youngest of 6 children and there are about 5 yrs between me and the next oldest...or would that be youngest?!
  3. I started dating my husband when I was 15 yrs old and we have been married 25 yrs! I was 25 yrs old when our first daughter was born, 27 yrs old when the second was born and 31 yrs old when the third came along. After being married about 4 1/2 yrs my mother-in-law gave me "permission" to have a baby (like I needed it, ha,ha,)!
  4. I cry everytime I hear the National Anthem and get the chills!
  5. I LOVE being at home!
  6. I don't make friends that easily! (Probably because I prefer being at home!)
  7. I LOVE SF Hazelnut Lattes'!
  8. I don't like to read "used" paperback books....weird, I know!
  9. I would love to have a PJ Day....but can't seem to let myself do that unless I am sick!
  10. I'm rarely sick!

I'm also supposed to pass this along to others. So, the following are blogs that I truly enjoy visiting everyday, if I can! I tried to make sure each were open to getting an award, so hopefully I didn't miss any "no award" signs. To these following ladies please let me know when you have posted. I would love to hear more about you! Some of you may have already received this award at some point, so I hope you don't mind getting it again! Thanks for sharing such lovely blogs....they all make my day alittle brighter!














  1. Oh, Lisa..thank you thank you! I appreciate this so much. I just LOVE getting awards and I thank you for thinking of me.
    I will do this next week and be sure to let you know so you can zero in on some of MY weirdness...tee hee...(but, I don't mind reading used paperbacks...!!) ha!
    Have a great is slightly raining here in West Texas this morning and.....I AM GOING BACK TO BED for awhile. I LOVE LOVE rain and it always makes me so stretchy and sleepy..
    See ya later, tho..
    xo bj

  2. Lisa~
    I loved reading your list!
    I have to confess, I have too many PJ days! We rarely have company when I am not working and it does stay cold here for a good part of the year, sooooo Ya kinds just want to stay in your jammies, heehee! AND I used to be a barista so I KNOW how I like my coffee and my favorite is a decaf-soy-hazelnut-mocha-with whip! YUM! I also cry when I hear the national anthem but only when I hear it sung live. (is that wierd??) I can't sing it myself without getting choked up......
    Have a great Friday....Me, Jesse and Holly (and her friend, Hannah) are off to soak our cold bones at Belknap Hotsprings today!
    Blessings- LillySue

  3. Lisa,

    I am the Official Pajama Lady! I'm like a recluse spider that never leaves home and I love to do everything in my big old bed; read, watch TV, talk on the phone, eat, cuddle with the dogs...

    It was nice learning a little more about you, my new friend! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I love Pajama days, however I start feeling guilty after a couple of hours of not getting dressed, so I end up with a half of a Pajama day!...thanks for including me in the "Honest Scrap Award"...I will try to post a couple of more things about me soon.

  5. Hi Lisa, thanks for thinking of me!

  6. I got sidetracked and was having such a good time listening to your playlist that I forgot to say that I enjoyed reading your interesting facts list. It's always fun to learn more about my blogging buddies.

  7. I am most creative and work best in my pjs... so there! Great post my dear, enjoy your day!!


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