Thursday, February 19, 2009

We All Have A Little Angel....

I'm sorry for the glare on this picture,
but I wanted to share it with you because it is
one of my favorites hanging in my HOME!

Can you see the old weary farmer....
carrying this BIG heavy wooden ladder....
weighed down with it all!
And then you see the littlest angel holding up the back end
to help out this poor tired farmer.
We all have our little angel....
taking the weight off of our shoulders.
When things get too heavy for us....
they're there to help us out!


  1. Hi Lisa. I like this photo and I like the frame too. Gotta love black frames. Speaking of photos yes, that is a bass guitar in the background shot. My husband is a songwriter and musician. Needless to say our guest bath is musically themed.

  2. Oh, what a nice picture and lovely thought. I love angels and have made many soft sculpture ones that I place around the house. They are just wonderful. Amy :)

  3. I can't really tell,but from what I can it is very pretty.


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