Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Crafty Side of Me....

I thought today I would share
some of the crafty things I have done.

This Snowman with Mittens, was started by my
mother a few years ago. Her eyesight isn't what it used
to be so I am going to finish it for her!

This is my first attempt at rug hooking. It turned out better
then I expected, now I need to learn how to bind. For some reason
I am afraid to even try binding!

This is the second rug....still no binding!

My hubby drew this bunny print....
my attempt at being free with the design.
I tend to be a pattern girl, but this was very fun to do
and I like the way it turned out

Just a fun little cross stitch!

This I made the year we bought our Home.
It is done on very fine linen with delicate stitches,
tiny little leaf buttons, delicate little ribbon roses and
the wreath on the door is tiny little knots of colored
thread to resemble flowers.

Thank you for letting me share a part of me!
(sorry for the blurry pictures)


  1. Really beautiful posting!!! This is Art.

  2. Great job and great post... I could never do that, although my Mom used to!!! Chrissy

  3. Lisa, you do great handwork. Beautiful! I have done some embroidery but that was years ago. I have never put binding on anything but if you can do such beautiful work I bet you would have no problem with binding. I love the piece that your hubby drew! You are both artists!



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