Friday, February 27, 2009

Hooked on Beehives....

For this Hooked on post, I thought I would share this
odd collection of mine. For some reason a few years ago....
well, actually more like about 8 yrs ago....
(does that mean it is time for a change?)
Anyway, I saw this cute border....
I thought it was cute anyway!

I fell in LOVE with it!
The previous owners had painted this half bath
pale lavender and where I have the border they had painted
everyone in their families names....
in Indian. Now, I am told I have some Indian in me too,
BUT, these words that I could not read, meant nothing to me
and the lavender....had to go! Not in my color wheel....
for this room anyway!

So, with that came decorating time!
We have these really high ceilings in our home
because it is an older home. So, my husband found about
4 real Beehives with the twigs still connected in an antique store and he
bought them and we hung them in our bathroom.
Odd, I know!

But they're Bee~less!!

I saw this rusty Beehive and of course had to have it....

And then I saw this pattern....
and of course had to stitch it!

And you know it's the little touches that count....
A Beehive Lady to watch over the hives....
and of course her little Beehive purse!

This little chair is the cutest thing....

On the seat is the sweetest quote....

To Make A Prairie It Takes

A Clover And One Bee

Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

And I saw this Primitive Bee Angel....
and she had to be included.
So that is just a sample of my Beehive collection!

Do any of you have an odd collection?

If so, I hope you share it sometime!

Make sure you check out all of the other Hooked on.... sites on Julia's blog!

I just saw this fun post, hopefully all of my above will count for this for today!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!


  1. Thanks for stopping today! I hope you enjoyed the music while you were here!

    Hope to see you again,

  2. Your bees are ... (wait for it)...

    Couldn't resist. But your bee-inspired decor is really charming!

  3. Truly an interesting collection. My husband became a Bee Keeper last summer so it was of special interest to me.

  4. Love you decorating theme, but the second photo (bee hive with twigs) is really a wasp's nest. They are meaner than you can imagine....


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