Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mystery Pecan Pie.....

Mmm, I just love a nice smelling candle! To me, it makes a home...homier (if that's a word). This is a new brand to me and so far I am lovin' it. I find that if you let a candle burn until a puddle forms at the top, that is when you get the best aroma. This one makes it seem like I have been baking all day, ha. With out all the work involved. Gotta love that! Especially on these frigid cold days with negative temperatures and chilly winds. Along with a nice fire, a warm throw, a hazelnut latte and a good book! Now what more you could ask for. Enjoy your day and drop a note and let me know what your favorite candle scent is!


  1. I too love candles in our home. I have always loved buttercream by Yankee Candles, but a new favorite is "Ginger Lime" by Gold Canyon Candles. Yummy and refreshing.

    We could use some frigid here. It's been over 80 for days now.

  2. I love fresh scents like apple and vanilla but I think that pecan pie scent sounds wonderful! Welcome to blogging! I know you will love it. Try not to think of it as something you HAVE to do. Only share when you want to , it should first and formost be fun for YOU:>)

  3. I didn't know Paula Deen had a line of candles out. Thanks for sharing this info.

  4. Mmmmmm...I have to say my all time favorite candle scent is "Home Sweet Home" by Yankee. It's simply delicious!!


  5. I agree with Kathleen..."Home Sweet Home" by Yankee is my most favorite candle scent and has been for years :)
    I just found your blog today, Lisa, and didn't realize you were a 'newbie' - Cognrats and thanks for another great blog to follow.
    Take care - Sonnie


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