Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Dining Room.......

There's something about a Dining Room! Not many homes, newer homes anyway, even have them anymore. It's an important room in the house. It's a room for family gatherings during holidays. It's a room to enjoy a good meal with friends. But most importantly, it's a room for family dinners and sharing the day with your children and your spouse. Slowing down for awhile during, what are now busy days compared to when we were all children, and catching up with those that are most important in our lives. Taking the time to set a special place at the table for your loved ones and sharing a meal, keeps families in touch with each other. So many families don't do that these days. I know for awhile, we as a growing family let this, so important time of day pass with just a quick meal at the counter in the kitchen or yes, in front of the TV. Now that we have our two oldest daughters away at college, we have gone back to the "Dining" table. Our youngest daughter has always enjoyed this ritual. For her, it was an occasion, because we didn't always use the room. Now, it is a nightly thing! Just the three of us. When we are lucky enough to have our daughters home to share a meal, the table seems complete. Hopefully, by using this important room in our home, we are making memories!


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I could help give your old frames a new shiny look again. Just remember you can use all kinds of scrapbook paper, wallpaper etc. Have fun! Be sure to send me a pic when you are finished. :-)

  2. P.S. ...if you do decide to do the frames makeover, please send me the photos. I would love to feature your makeover on my blog as having been inspired by my makover.

  3. Your dining room is gorgeous! You're right about the importance of meals together as a family.


  4. Lisa,
    Your blog is coming along GREAT! I love the picture of your dining room......this is one of my favorite ways to "peek" into someone's house....driving by and they have the lights fun!

  5. :) I love reading about all your family...together :) truly lovely!

  6. Ouuuuu Lisa, your dinning room looks beautiful!
    I'd love to see more!

    I love old houses! Hubby and I renovated an 1856 victorian farmhouse downstate before we moved north to this old cottage in the woods!

    I am glad you started blogging and that I found you thru Cindy @ Romantic Homes blog!

    Hugz, Dolly


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