Wednesday, September 21, 2016


So I have been gone a bit too long and now it seems there are a few changes to blogger.  How do I get a picture to appear? Something keeps popping up about dragging my photo and did I know?? Is there a way to get back to just clicking on the insert image and loading my photo like I use to be able to do? Plus, the dragging photo pop up doesn't go away unless I back out and get back in?
Help....Thank you



  1. Hi Lisa-

    I am no expert by any means but I would retrace my steps.
    Shut your computer down.
    Reopen it.
    Go to your blog and then click on new post.
    Then the add photo button-
    it should take you to your photos files.
    I ignore the drag photo business because I have never done it that way.

    I hope this helps.
    Don't give up!

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    1. Laura I was just doing as you suggested when I saw your comment. It still pops up, but doesn't let me click on it to do anything. I will keep trying though. thank you so much for trying to help!

  2. Hope this means your coming back!! You have been MISSED. As you can see, I check back and hope to see your return.


  3. Lisa...sorry to hear about your blog issues, but happy to see a post from you!!! How are you???

  4. I am having problems posting photos from my phone to my blog!


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