Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Idea, His Idea....

We've all seen the Antlers all over blogland!  We just happened to have some in our garage in the cabinet.  I dug them out one day and suggested to Brad that we hang them in our "family room".  After all it is decorated with some of his signed and numbered wildlife prints that he has collected.

 So I brought them in, dusted them off and put them on the mantel to get a feel of them in the room. They sat there for a few weeks and kind of became part of the room.  They fit!

But it appears he had "another" idea for a set of antlers that should go in this room!  Boy did he!

 He had an auction he had been checking and planned to attend and he and Amanda went on Saturday and I guess you could say, He got Lucky!  This is his idea of Antlers in the room!

 And yes he literally got "Lucky"!  So the story goes, the man who acquired this elk and had it mounted, his name or possibly nickname, was Lucky.  Apparently, he passed away a year or so ago and his wife decided to auction off some of his mounts and such.  She was at the auction and when she saw my husband loading this into our car she came and told him the background of how and where her husband got this elk and how she keeps it clean and in great shape.  There is a tag on the back I noticed that has a date in 1995, so it's been around awhile.  There fore, in our home this Elk will forever be known as Lucky!

 I was afraid it may be a bit too big for the space, but already I have not minded it being here! It actually makes the room look bigger and the ceilings taller, as if being 10 1/2 ft isn't tall enough.

 This is blurry I know...sorry, but now I have to decide if the whole mantel needs to be revamped.
I'm thinking my metal bike may have to go, otherwise maybe bring in a few more "nature inspired" pieces.  What do you think?

Have you ever had a decorating idea that's been just a tad different then your husbands? Would you be okay with his idea of antlers compared to yours?  The only thing I opposed was him hanging it above our other mantel in our living room.  I have slowly gotten it to the point of comfort and the color theme as I want it.  It is where we enjoy sitting by the fire and listening to music on weekend mornings with our coffee and where we end our evenings quite often with a glass of wine.  The living room is not the room for that kind of "Lucky"!!

Have a delightful day and as always, Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think or just say Hi, so I know you were here!


  1. Yes. John and I have very different ideas about decorating. He has none. He says the house is mine and the garage is his. Praise God for that!

    Lucky looks very impressive. I'm sure that he makes your husband smile. And it has to be good to know the background story else you might have named him "Fred."

  2. I love lucky, he made the spot come "alive" ;)

    I too praise God for my husband having the same mindset the garage is his, the house is mine!

  3. Personally, if Lucky were mine, I'd get some sort of motion sensor recording of an elk so that Lucky would bugle every time someone came into the house. Wouldn't that be fun! :-)

  4. Lisa, my husband would be so jealous! I make him hang them in the garage. :) Have you read Big Mama's Blog? She has this hysterical post about the antelope on the wall.

    Thanks for your comment about my spring flowers. I have to tell you that those of you who live in the north are made of better stuff than me. I would die if winter lasted that long!

  5. Lisa, I have to tell you about my friend, Rose. She was one of the most feminine women I have ever know. She loved florals and lace so I was really surprised when I went to her house in her living room hung this HUGE MOOSE HEAD! lol NOTHING like I expected. She laughed when she saw my expression...and said- You never expected that, did you? But, you know what? It fit her perfectly- AND it looks like your elk fits your room perfectly, too. I really like it....but that is just me. My hubby has never hunted so we have NO trophies but I sure like LUCKY...although in the end he was NOT so Lucky, was he?;>) xo Diana

  6. Hey, Lisa-Just me popping in to say Thank You for leaving a comment on my blog. Did you know that you are a No Reply blogger when you leave a comment on someone's blog? It really helps you to connect with people and grow your blog if people can reply to you directly. IF you want to fix that let me know and I'll send you the info on how to do that- it is pretty simple. xo Diana

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