Friday, April 4, 2014

Good Morning!....

Every now and then, while at this one particular grocery store, I pick up one of these Gourmet muffins to enjoy the next morning with my coffee. This one is Peach with white chocolate and pecans!  Just thought you'd want to know....

 So, yesterday was a pretty nasty day around here weather wise.  They called for freezing rain and high winds.  We did get rain, but not freezing and we also got the high winds.  Since it was just rain and wind I decided to venture out to HomeGoods.  What else is a girl to do?

 I've seen these faux plant orbs around in magazines and of course blogs, but hadn't seen them in the stores surprisingly unless they had twinkle lights wound thru them.  I didn't want one with lights so I always passed.  But, yesterday was my lucky day and so I brought it home with me.

Funny how just a touch of green, real or faux can add so much to a room.  I do have a couple of real plants in this room, but I needed to fill this spot with something and I thought this was that perfect something.  The white pot was purchased at Menard's for a mere $2.00 and is a very pretty crackly finished ceramic pot.  Since I am sprucing up the house and this room in particular is getting alot of Spring touches, I thought this added just the right amount of green to the space.  

As I was checking out yesterday, the cashier said to me out of the blue, "If your spray this with hairspray it will last alot longer!"  I think I gave her an odd look, because it is obviously plastic and replied, "Even thought it's plastic?"  She assured me that Yes I heard her correctly!  Hmm, who knew!  So my question is, Have you ever heard of spraying plastic plants with hairspray to make them last longer? 

 Our daughter brought these beautiful eggs home from work one day. Apparently someone she works with has chickens who lay these beauties and passed them on to her.  So we were the lucky recipients!  They are so pretty aren't they?  There were more and we've enjoyed them all.  My husband lovingly blew them out for me.  Is he great or what? Then he made wonderful scrambled eggs and omelets for us over the weekend!

This one in front is the palest of blues, so pretty and delicate looking.  I love the speckled ones and the darker one looks cracked, but it's not.  Aren't they perfect!  Natures best!

So I carefully placed them in my vintage gallon jug and added a clear white prayer candle....

I'm lovin' it!
Thanks honey!

Now I'm off to enjoy my coffee and this fabulous muffin!
 What are you enjoying this morning?


  1. Yes, I have heard of the hairspray thing, but come to think if it, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me just now. Perhaps it makes it easier to clean. Your coffee and muffin look yummy!

  2. Hi Lisa! Yum, that muffin looks so tasty. Sorry your weather has been bad and hopefully Spring is just around the corner. I love the plant balls and no, I've never heard of spraying them with hairspray. Seems like that would help them to catch more dust. I have some too and even when schruned up, they seem to do well.
    The eggs are so pretty and I like your candle dilly you've put together.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. What are you doing, girl? Trying to hatch some baby chicks? Just kidding.

  4. I love that glowing light among the egg shells! That makes a pretty display. sigh. I really need to get going on spring decorations. First we need to get rid of the snow, then clean - a lot.

    And I kinda got stuck with muffin envy when I saw the first pic. I LOVE peach and that looks so good!

  5. I just got my first greenery orb too. Hobby Lobby has them in several different sizes. I have never heard of spraying them with hairspray...Can't see how that would really benifit them. I am in love with your jar/eggs candle.....LOVELY!

    I know you enjoyed that yummy breakfast.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. I love those green orbs! Gotta love Home Goods-my favorite store!!! Love the jar and eggs, too. Hope you have a really wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  7. Sounds like a perfect day to me! I've never heard of spraying plastic plants with hairspray....hmmmm. I have tried blowing out eggs, but I guess I'm too much of a blowhard, because mine would always bust....your husband must have a light touch :)

  8. Drinking my first cup of coffee. It would be much nicer with your muffin :) I've never heard of using hairspray on a plastic plant. Seems like it would make it gummy. The boxwood orb is very pretty in the pot you chose. Perfect. The eggs are pretty, too, and I never would have thought of putting them in a glass container together with a candle. Great idea, and how sweet of your hubby to blow them out for you. Enjoy your weekend. ~ Nancy

  9. I could totally devour that muffin right now!! Your eggs and candle are so cute. I keep buying eggs each year. Can you have too many? Nah!


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