Monday, September 23, 2013

My Harvest Time, Edible Arrangement....

We had great weather for the 
harvest festival we went to on Saturday.
I was a bit worried in the morning because we
had a little bit of a rain shower.  But eventually
the sun came out and we were off!

 I have admired the centerpiece's I've seen in magazine's
and around blogland that use old tool "totes"
There were a few not so old, but likeable version's
for sale at the Harvest Time.  But, for what they were
I knew my hubby could make me one that would turn 
out even better.  So I did what a good wife does and
pointed out what I wanted and asked if he thought he 
could make one for me and save the money they 
were asking.  Of course I knew he'd say Yes!

There is always an Amish lady there selling her 
baked goods, canned jams and relishes along with 
some of her rugs and things.  My hubby was the
one that saw it and pointed it out to me.  He said
I can't make it for the price it's marked. 
~Do you like it?~
Of course I did!  Although it was a bit too new 
looking for my taste.  I said we may have to paint
or stain it....beat it up a little, to make it look
like it's been around awhile.

Of course as soon as we got Home I had to 
fill it up and see how it would look.  My hubby 
added the burlap (I love him!) and helped me
position the pumpkins and gourds.  I love these
~Ghost Pumpkins~
But, my harvest find was a bit new looking.
So he took it out to the garage and worked his magic
on it.  Now it looks much better!

He stained it up a bit.  Sanded it here and there. 
Threw rocks in it (and at it) and now it looks
much better.  I wish I could get a better picture
but, my little point and shoot just doesn't
co-operate with me.  I love how the white
pumpkin just pops out of the picture
so to speak!

We figure just about everything in this
tote is edible.  There are pumpkins and gourds
and squash of various colors that we can 
cook up and eat, if we want to!  

I even bought a bunch of Sweet Annie 
and tucked bits of it here and there for the scent.
It smells wonderful!
We drove all over our countryside yesterday
looking for more.  Couldn't find any!
Where does it grow? 
Do any of you know?
I'm guessing we are going to have to harvest
the seeds that fall like crazy and plant it for ourselves.
But, I've read that it likes to spread and to be warned....
it may take over your garden space.  So maybe it's worth
the $6.00 a bunch to just buy what you need.
We'll have to think about this one!

So our Harvest weekend was a great one!
Sunday we spent some time gathering corn stalks
and other fallish plant life and decorated the front of 
~our Home~
Then we brought down some of my totes of
fall decor from the attic and I got started on
doing what I love, which is decorating 
~our Home~ 
for Fall, my absolute favorite time of year!
There was a nip in the air last night so we
even had a fire in the fireplace.  I love this time of year!

I will be trying my best to get some good
photos of what we've got so far so I can share
with you in the next few days!

What did you do this first Harvest weekend?
I'd love to hear and as always
I appreciate your stopping by for a visit!
Please take time to just say Hi....
I love meeting new people in blogland!


  1. I played in the blog basement, but you knew that!

    Oh this looks so fine. So he stained it, threw rocks at it, and added burlap? I can do that. I have one that I was going to paint, but I like this look better. It goes more with my decor. My decor...the words do not belong in my vocabulary! Ha!

  2. It looks so much better stained! I'm not sure my husband knows what burlap is let all be able to add it to a centerpiece!! What guy! It looks lovely and it's great piece that you'll get lots of use out of.

  3. Your husband can guess when it's apropriate to use burlap??? Are you sure he's from this planet? I love the little white pumpkin, I had been looking for some forever and just found some this morning at the farmer's market.

  4. stopping to say HI !! We're semi-retired farmers -- so we did what most farmers are doing right now... harvesting!! keep blogging..

  5. I love this and your husband did such a great job on making it perfect. What a sweetie he is. xo Laura

  6. That looks great! Especially after you "olded it up" a little bit. That's what I call what I've tried to do with my house. It was built a bit later than yours, 72 years later, and so I've tried to "old it up" and give it more character.

  7. Love your trug of punkins!!! Adorable!!

  8. I am sending out a search party! Thinking of you...

  9. I love that tote you bought, now I need one!
    just stopping by for a visit!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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