Friday, January 11, 2013

Girl Fun....

Where do two girls go when they
 Just Wanna Have Fun??

 Well, they drive 2 1/2 hrs away to
of course!

 She had the day off from work and it was a
~Great Day~
plenty of Sunshine and so why not!
Now that my two older girls are also 
~working girls~
I don't get to spend much time with them.
To do FUN stuff!
So it was nice to take the time with my oldest and go to
IKEA a place we both enjoy!

I bet you do too!!

After checking out all the great stuff and getting all kinds of 
ideas, not just for ~my new project room re-do~, but for 
All Over Our Home!

It was time to sit a spell and have some of those
 Yummy Swedish Meatballs!

Then it was back to the Fun part of shopping!
I'm curious if you're like me and get caught up in the
~Love This~
affordability of it all and then you get to the check~out
and find out you spent
~How Much?~
Okay, I didn't do that bad Much damage!
BUT, all of those Cool Things, do add up!
I only put ONE thing back before I got to the registers
I was very thrifty careful with my choices, my guy will be glad to know!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a few of the main things I was hoping for!
I wasn't overly impressed with the choices, sad to say!
But, what little I did get is going to be 
for my vision in this room!
I can't show you any pictures....yet!

So be patient and check back soon!
Tell me what you like about IKEA!
Their pillows....Love??
Their prices....?
Their Swedish Meatballs??
I'd Love to hear and Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well I've never been to IKEA because I'd have to go out of state. It probably would be about a 2½ hour drive as well. I'd like to, though! Pick me up the next time you're going. Can't wait to see what you found!!

  2. thoughI or though! ...I'll let you decide. I'm in that frame of mind this morning.

  3. How odd! Let's see if that flies...I think my keyboard needs replacing.

  4. On the other hand, it must be your font.

    1. !!! Not sure why that happens, sometimes it works, most times it doesn't!
      Not sure why! You should look at the IKEA site or send for their catalog! Fun stuff! Doesn't look bad now! Hmmm!

  5. We have one in our city but I never go. My girls do love it though when we do. Sounds like a fun day. I love their bedding.

  6. If you asked my daughter and husband they would say their favorite thing about Ikea is the frozen yogurt. HA!
    I really like Ikea. My mattress came from there and I have never slept so well. I love how they have all the
    rooms set up. Really helps you picture how things can look. Looking forward to the big reveal.

  7. Also my most favorite thing to do--- anything with my daughters!!
    My girls like IKEA as well.

  8. For me, it's a 2 hour drive to Portland to get to IKEA. Sometimes we stop if we do an airport drop off. The lunches are really good. I have a few IKEA items. My problem is that we live so far away, returns are difficult and gas expensive if it turns out something doesn't work in our home. I'd go anywhere with my daughters :)

  9. I love going to Atlanta (can't wait to move there) and shopping at Ikea with my girls. Your daughter looks so cute. I got two great down comforters there. :)

  10. I was at IKEA today! (In Canton?) I was there early, early. In time for the .99 Small Breakfast. I also brought home cinnamon rolls. Can't beat the price of 6 for $4!

    I love IKEA. So many affordable pieces. I've got shelving, desks, storage and organization pieces. I saw the sweetest pink kitchen accessories today. I'll bet my daughter #3 would love them for her first college apartment this fall. I guess I'll have to go back with her when she is home on her next break.


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