Saturday, October 6, 2012

We arrived at the
Grand Hotel
by horse drawn carriage!
It was a beautiful day full of sunshine.

As much as I wanted to....
I didn't pull out my camera and get a picture 
of us checking in.  I didn't want to seem too
If you know anything about this spectacular place
you know it's full of color and pattern....

Our room was no exception....
pinks, reds, and 
bright green....

the green coverlet at the bottom of the bed
was very bright and shiny too.

This was our closet space....

Our flat screen was about the size of my laptop screen.

Nice bathroom....
The Grand Hotel was decorated back in the 70's 
I believe, by a New York designer.  It hasn't been updated since,
but is nicely kept for the age.  Some rooms are very vibrant with 
color and pattern.  Ours was more on the subtle side.

Of course as we unpacked I realized I had forgotten a much needed
item....a hairbrush.  So off we went on foot to find a store that carried
such items.  There is a small grocery store on the island and a drugstore.
Lucky for us!

For those of you that don't know, everything on the island is
done by foot, bicycle or by horse and carriage.  No cars are allowed,
with the exception of emergency vehicles. 
 There is an ambulance, firetruck and we were told, 
although we never saw
a police vehicle in case it was needed.  

This is the outside of the drugstore.
The picture doesn't do it justice....
these mums were gorgeous!
They are just on the shady side of the street.

This building is vacant and was just behind the main street.
I loved the wooden roof and you'll notice the corner of the 
building shows it was once a log cabin.  
Very cool!

The Market Street Inn

Mackinac's Little Gallery
The building looks like a face!

Another Inn....
the sun was so bright for my little point and shoot digital.

how do we sneak this cabinet into the
Grand Hotel
without anyone noticing?
Better not!

A cute little cottage tucked in....

Gorgeous flowers and pumpkins....

The Geranium Cottage
I would love to see inside these Homes!

There goes the cabinet!

Two weddings took place while we were there.
Beautiful stone chapel....

Our Governor's Mansion....
He comes to the island a couple times a summer.
Not this weekend though!

And we're back!

I've included this little link in case you are interested to hear a bit
about the Grand Hotel.

Next I will be showing you a few "night" views....
I hope you check back in!

Thanks for stopping by, it's a busy weekend around here
Homecoming in our little town.
Have a Lovely Fall Weekend!


  1. If your room is "subtle" I'd love to see the "vibrant" rooms. What a totally charming place. Lovely homes...did you do miles of walking?

    1. Yes we did! And stair climbing as well. The island was busy with people everywhere, so the hotel elevator was always busy. But, we enjoyed it all the same!

  2. Looks like a really relaxing and fun place to visit. Now I really want to take a weekend there with my hubby!

  3. Thanks for the tour. It looks like a charming town and know cars?? That sounds wonerful!

  4. Oh how very charming and romantic. We are in full homecoming mode this weekend here. Dance is tonight.

  5. What a fantastic place to stay! We have been there to visit for a day, walking everywhere on the island and it truly is charming! What a fun post!

  6. I added the Grand HOtel to my list of places to visit when I saw the movie Somewhere In Time. Your little tour will have to suffice for the present so thank you.


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