Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have tried several times this morning to do a new post.
But, when I try to add photos, it just sits there and spins
trying to process what I want and when I try to X out
it tells me that I have "unsaved" changes and do I want 
to Leave this page or Stay on this page and then just 
sits there and spins.....
Any suggestions?  I've never had this happen before!


  1. I had problems last week. So now i post under html and itsonly working ok.

  2. Hi Lisa - is it blogger or your photo editor causing problems? J

  3. Yes. I have had a few of those moments. I cleaned out my cache and things seemed to right themselves.

  4. I have had that happen, but maybe like a month or so ago. I really dont know what the problem was.
    I gave up and tried again a couple days later. Sure hope it all gets straightened out, I love stopping
    by for you posts and updates. :O)


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