Thursday, May 24, 2012

My New Old Wheelbarrow....

I thought I had a picture of it from the
before stage with flowers in it....

 but, I can not find it!
So I'll show you this picture....

The wood that is left after tearing it apart.
Totally rotted and as you see,
So I emptied it out and 

 Cleaned it up a bit
And my thoughts have been
going towards Color lately
So I decided to paint it....

 ~Colonial Red~
according to the spray can!
It looks a bit more Red then "colonial"
to me, but I am Happy with the results.

 Brad picked up some treated
(very important we had this size exactly!)
And after a little nagging nudging
he built a new inside
for me!
Thank you Honey!

 I decided to plant
~Zinnia~ seeds
Bird Nest Cottage am I too late??
I've never planted annuals from seeds before!
I remember growing up and my parents planting their gardens
and putting the seed packets on a stick to mark what they I did the same.

 But, I needed more Oomph....
so I added flags....
Just in time for the weekend!

Oh yeah....
and a wreath
Now it's just right!
Hope my little Zinnia's Grow!
Wish me luck!


  1. Love it! Nice job repurposing. I really love red.. so I think the color is perfect. You are a patient gal, I would have went for already "growing" plants.

    1. Thanks Amy,
      I'm really Not that patient, I just want to see if these Zinnia's will grow. I'm trying new things in our yard this year. Might as well try and be patient too! Thanks for stopping, have a Great day!

  2. Sweet wheelbarrow and now it's sweeter still. Hope that the zinnias do well. I've found that they help fill in around those that I've purchased, but that doesn't happen until weeks into summer.

  3. I love your wheelbarrow. I have been looking for one of these for awhile but no luck yet. Can't wait to see the zinnias once they grow! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your wheelbarrow is adorable. I had one that was all wood and when it rotted all that was left was the wheel. You were left with good "bones" and did a great job refurbishing it.
    Zinnias are such cheerful looking flowers. Hope you'll show another picture when they are all blooming.

  5. I love your wheelbarrow, Lisa...can't wait to see a picture when your flowers bloom :)

  6. Nice. Love the red. Zinnias grow will from seeds and are such great flowers for cutting.

  7. Your wheelbarrow is just cute as can be now. Love the flags and the wreath on it. You are going to love the Zinnia's and no, it's not too late to plant them. Just water them lots and keep them in the sun.

  8. I absolutely love your new wheelbarrow!! So cute. Such a better idea than just pitching it, as lot of folks would do. Beautiful red too!


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