Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you ever curious....

to find out more about your family?
We've all seen the show....

 Well, our family has recently been very interested in
 finding all of this out!
One daughter in particular has really been into this.
Well, she came home the night before last and sat with her dad
and they signed on and started researching.
They found out quite a bit of info, but you can only go so far
and then you have to pay.  Well, yesterday morning~ish, I
decided to make my own account.  My dad has been wanting me to
"take over" keeping the family tree stuff updated.  I never really gave
it much thought until recently.  He is getting older and
 he is one of the last
to know what there is about my side of the family. 
 Same with Brad's dad.
So, I signed up and that's what I did....

 I entered what I knew myself, called my Dad
  a bazillion times a few times.
Interrupted his usual schedule of
 naps thru-out the day!
But, the more I found out the more I wanted to
 fill up those empty spaces
in our family tree!  I literally had to make myself put down my laptop
when my hubby got Home to go out and have dinner.  Then when we got 
back Home....I started up again!  Am I addicted, Yes!
I didn't even turn on the TV yesterday, until I saw it was
5:00 p.m. and the news was to come on.  I like the local news...okay!
Anyway, I got pretty far on both my and my hubby's sides.
Until, they came over from another country....
now I need to see what I can do about that!
I'm missing a few parents and marriages and such....

Just let me say this....
it's fun to discover your ancestry.  If you've never tried it before,
I recommend doing it!  It's easy these days with computers and stuff.
Of course you could go to the library and start there looking
through a ton of books, that could be fun too.  But, I didn't!
And if you've never seen the show
Who do you think you are?
It is on Friday night at 8:00 p.m.
here anyway....
This week Helen Hunt discovers her ancestry!

So, have you ever researched your ancestry?
How far did you get?
I'd love to know!

(No I am not being paid in anyway to talk about this!)
(I Google imaged my pictures, if I have to put some sort of source.)

Have a beautiful sunny day!


  1. I have not done this but I have two cousins on both sides of my family that have. Very interesting as I knew so little about my dad's side.

  2. I've personally not investigated into my ancestry. I do have a family member that has gone back as far as possible
    and has it all recorded. I agree, its really intriguing. My son is very interested in ancestry. I've not heard of that show before.

  3. I understand how you could get hooked. I had so much fun going back on John's ancestry because it was so easy. My family crawled out from under a rock and it is not so easy. ;D I hate when they make you pay for this or that. Just let me go...I had a membership, but it wasn't quite good enough. I needed premium plus or some such thing.

  4. My daughter has done some work on ours, but I would like to do it myself. So much fun.

  5. You can go to settings and then comments on your blogger dashboard to check on the word verification thing. It doesn't look like yours is on. I haven't changed much on my blog since I set it up so I had no idea it was on!

  6. I adore anyhing to do with my ancestry....and yes, I have gone there many times. Every year I go back for a few weeks and there is always something new added. is so addicting!!

  7. Family history is so addictive! I wish I had gotten started before my grandma died; she knew so many people. There is a huge free database at also. It's not quite as good as, but it's free!


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