Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Water Daily....

I find lately that I need water.  Something I'm not very good at making sure I get enough of each day. They say at least 8 glasses a day is recommended.  I am not good at that!  I was a few years ago.  In fact I lost quite a bit of weight drinking lots of water and watching what I ate. 

  Not too long ago I purchased this BPA free, I guess that's what they say, bottle.  Thinking I would definitely make myself drink water like I should.  I haven't really.

 For some reason, I have a hard time drinking water out of a glass for anything more then taking medicine or maybe having a glass on the nightstand.

 I do better drinking from a bottle.  That's what I did before, when I was drinking water all day long.  Only I would use the same bottle, each. and. every. day!  They say that's not good, so I stopped.  Then I stopped drinking water.  I need to start again!

I do drink coffee.  Not all day of course.
That has water in it. 

But then there are other ways I get my water during the day!

Sometimes it's by simply lighting a yummy scented candle.  

 Or working on my blog.  

Sometimes I get watered while reading a good book.  I seem to be doing this a lot right now!

Of course I always get watered looking thru my favorite magazines.
 Love doing that!

 I've also been trying to watch some of my favorite movies.
Takes me away!

 Crafting waters me too.  This is one that my Mom started years ago.  I pick it up now and then.

My favorite way to water myself is at the end of the day.  There's nothing like a nice hot bubble bath to water your soul!

Yes, I need water daily!
I should do that more often. 
I am going to try and make that a daily ritual. 
 Do you water daily?  


  1. Lisa, I definitely need to drink more water...I tend to find water just plain boring though lol. I hope to change my attitude about drinking more water.

  2. Very important daily intake...yes, I can do the 8's...routine is the key! Have a great day! Hugs

  3. I need to drink more. Fortunately, I have family who work at a well known bottling company so I am able to have the good stuff. Really good stuff. Sometimes even Italian good stuff. Even so, I need to drink more water. I don't believe in the 8 cups a day thing, but 4 would be good. All the best with your resolutions!

  4. Please email me, if you have the chance. I see that you don't have your email listed.

  5. You are so right. Watering and feeding the soul are so important every day.

  6. Love the different ways you get your water. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment!


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