Friday, January 13, 2012

Pure Michigan...

Well, I guess the Snow held 
off as long as it could. 
 It's really pretty this time of the morning
when I open the door to make sure
 my hubby gets out of the driveway okay. 
 The church is 
a direct view from my "back door". 
 So serene!  

Did you get much snow?


  1. Well.. it was sort of a false alarm. We were supposed to get snow.. in the form of 1-2" which is not a lot at all.. but we got a dusting.. barely. Just enough to cause the roads to slick up a bit. Whew.. we didnt get dumped on. This has been the mildest winter I can remember in a long time.. but I'm luv'n it.

  2. Five inches now in the process of being freezing rained off. That can't be grammatically correct. What a lovely view from your back door. It looks like a Christmas card.


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