Monday, January 16, 2012

Please meet Delilah Duke....

My girls tell me I haven't posted about her yet.  I'm not finding anything so must be they're correct.  My daughter Hillary "rescued" her from a co-worker who could no longer keep her.  Apparently she wasn't home enough to spend time with her and when she was all Delilah did was cry.  So she has been with us since around May last year.

When she came to us she was extremely thin.  I would feed her and she would gobble her food down like she may never eat again....and then want to go outside and she would throw-up the food she just ate.  Not good! So that happened once or twice before I caught on to what she was doing and then I would portion her food and feed her more often little bits at a time through out the day.  Finally she realized, Hey I am going to get fed here! and she started eating "normal" and gaining weight.  She was something like 40 lbs when she came to us and about a month later she was 48 lbs, which is perfect for her size and breed (according to the vet).

She came housebroke, so that was good.  She is ALWAYS ridiculously happy to see all times of the day she acts as if she hasn't seen us in forever.  She has the funniest wiggle butt like she is about to flop down and do flips or something.  It did however take awhile for Loosey to get used to Delilah.  They had that Alpha female thing going on.  But, they now relate to each other just fine.  Although, I do believe with the age difference, Loosey is 7 yrs old and Delilah is 2 yrs old (we think as there were no papers with her) that Delilah tends to get on Loosey's nerves on occasion! But, they do pretty good for the most part with each other.  Delilah lets Loosey eat first (even though they have separate bowls) and then she will eat hers and Loosey's leftovers.  They swap beds all. the. time.!  But yet they will be curled up on one sometimes too. She also thinks she is a lap dog and that she should get all of the attention, even if Loosey was there first, she will push her out of the way.   Can you see the mischief in her eyes?
Too cute!


  1. I love those floppy ears and those eyes are adorable! They will be just fine! Have a super day! Hugs

  2. What a sweetie. That look she's giving the camera! Glad that you got around to telling us about Delilah.

  3. Sounds like Delilah found a great home! They say bassets are like potato chips, you can't have just one!


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