Monday, January 30, 2012

My hearts & a question....

I don't put out much as far as Valentine decorations are concerned.  Just a few hearts.  I use to  put out more when our girls were growing up. 
 But, now just a few.

I bought this basket at JoAnn fabric's last year....
in the Spring, I believe. 

 My husband made my hearts a few years ago....
and painted them too.

Just a few!

Now for my question??  It's obvious this side of our front door needs to be painted.  I've been toying with the idea of painting it Black.  Just the door, not the trim.  But, there is a door to the left of this one that leads into our dining room.  That door stays open at all times.  I'm just not sure if the Black would be too much!  Please let me know what you think....Black or White?  I probably should ask my husband too!


  1. Morning Lisa,
    Your basket of hearts is very cute...good idea!
    I would leave the door white but maybe hang a little decoration on it to give it some color. It's way easier then painting the door.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. I'll paint it black for you and you can see what you think...;>

  3. Cute hearts!

    I think black would look so nice next to that wall color. The great thing about pain.... if you don't like it.. paint over it.
    A fresh coat of white would look great though too... tough decision..

  4. Hmmm... tricky.
    I don't know about painting the door and not the trim. I see the baseboards and the transom are white...
    I say repaint the door white and add decor. That should spoof it up pretty nicely.

    I like the little basket of hearts!! I don't decorate for valentines either.

    take care.

  5. I don't think I'd paint it black either.....maybe the same color as the exterior. It's only paint, live with it for a while and if you don't like it just repaint it :)

  6. I would be afraid of going that dark. But I am a scaredy cat on color. Maybe and nice accent color or a fresh coat of white again. Okay I haven't helped at all.

  7. I say "go for it"! It's just paint! I have a black chalkboard door in my utility room and we love it! You'd probably only need a quart of paint....then if you paint it and hate it, you can't always repaint it back white.

  8. I agree with Tammy, go for it! I think that a black door with white trim is very classic and if you are looking for a more formal look, it's the way to go. Paint is cheap and a door doesn't take much time. Be brave and give it a try!

  9. I'm thinking that black would be too dark and can be a hard color to paint over. Love your valentine decorations. I haven't even thought about it.

  10. Stopping by for the first time so I don't know if my opinion counts, but I wouldn't paint the door black. I think it would be too much. I like the white with the white trim.

    I do on the other hand like your cute door decor!!


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