Friday, January 27, 2012

A bit tired of this....

You may remember me posting about my husband being in an accident back on Dec. 9 th on his way to work that morning.  We were told where "the best" place to take it would be.  And assured so by our insurance company!

We were just Thankful that he was okay!

It was supposed to be done in one week!
But that was 50 days ago....fifty days!

Each week, our insurance agent calls....Me, and tells me the progress or lack there of!  At first it was like...okay at least they are hopefully doing a good job and not rushing it.  Things happened during that time that we could have surely used 2 cars for....would have helped us out tremendously.  One being when my MIL was hospitalized...twice within one weeks time.  Another was when she passed.  My husband had to drive a 45 mins home to  pick me up so we could drive down to be with his Dad during all of this.  I could have gone myself....had we had both cars.  

Those calls from the insurance agent have just gotten funny frustrating now.  When I see the number pop up I am not surprised when he tells me....Guess why I'm calling?! He called Weds. around 4 p.m. (it was supposed to be done Monday, he never called that day), it's usually at the end of the day, to tell me that the  place ordered the wrong air conditioner clip and that is the hold up.  Seems they used that a few weeks ago!  How can a place that is so highly recommended "order" the wrong part for a car?  So, says the insurance guy, it's supposed to be done Today....or Monday at the latest!  Then it will be 53 days....right? 

I am the one without the car!  I am the one who has to wait until a daughter has a day off or a few hours to spend taking me to run errands.  This has been a real life inconvenience, not having 2 cars available everyday!
We have a high deductible too....$500.00!  Five Hundred Dollars....and we have been with out our car 50 days.   Maybe we should charge them $10 a day for taking so long to fix our car.  Then if it is done 50 we'd be even.  Because if I did my math right that would equal $500.00!

Oh yeah, our insurance agent said had we taken it to an @r0%ress(ive approved shop (they failed to say that at the time), it would have had to be done in 12 days!!  Twelve Days!!


  1. I feel your pain! I totaled my car in August and went round and round with our insurance. In the end though it all worked out for the best.

    Just thankful your hubby was ok!


  2. I dont blame you one bit! I would have demanded a rental car from the insurance company.
    That is just way to long to wait. Parts can be overnighted.

  3. Maddening! And you certainly could've used the car when all the family issues came along. I'd ask the insurance guy if you can have some recompense for the inconvenience. It never hurts to ask and he can only say, "no." When he says "no" ask to speak to the one who has the power to say "yes."

  4. Oh, yeesh.
    Had the same-ish problem with my car, waiting for them to get a replacement door in. Finally, after three weeks, they told us there is not a single door available in the whole world.
    Took three weeks to figure that out!
    Oh well. I got caught up on my housecleaning, that's for sure.

  5. Oh Lisa we went thru the same stuff with hubbys truck!
    DEMAND a rental car, the dealers have cars they can let you drive {don't let them tell you they don't} Our best friend is a mechanic at a dealer and he told us to demand they provide a car for us for the inconvience they have caused us for having to wait so long!

    Good Luck Sweetpea,
    I hope you get your car back soooooooooon,

  6. Can't believe they haven't given you a rental car.....we were hit and the other insurance company gave us a rental car. My boss had an accident and his insurance company provided a rental car as well.....hmmm, I'd definitely be checking into this if I were you.
    Any kind of car trauma always sucks!


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