Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Snow Day....

But we don't have Snow!
It all melted when it was 43 degrees and raining yesterday
All Day Long!
We didn't have school yesterday either,
because the majority of our students
live in the country  
on back roads 
that are dirt 
and curvey
So that means they are
Slick and Slippery!
The temps dropped below freezing last night
so all that rain froze
of course.

 So I got hubby off to work this morning,
Jobs don't have Snow days,
often anyway....
poured a hot cup of coffee,
turned on The Hallmark Movie channel
and this movie was on.
If you haven't seen it before I recommend it!

I love a good 
Sissy Spacek movie!

Wouldn't you love living by a
I like her Straw Hat too!

She seems like just the person
I'd want as a Good Friend!

There are lots of great people in this movie.
If you haven't seen it, next time it's on take a look.

Don't you just LOVE a good Hallmark Movie?


  1. I love Hallmark movies. I dont think I've seen this one though. We haven't had a snow day yet.. yay!

  2. I have recently discovered a love for Hallmark channel movies so I will have to keep an eye out. Happy snow day to you!

  3. Oh you make me want to see it! Netflix. Something. I wanted to watch the Hallmark one on last Sunday, but wasn't going to give up Downton Abbey.

  4. We live on one of those country dirt roads, right here in southeast Oakland County. I didn't watch the weather report when I took off for work yesterday and BOY was I surprised! LOL The road was shiny, slick and slidy! Good thing I can take the "short" way out of our street. I'm sure I would have found a ditch to visit otherwise.

  5. I do love a good Sissy Spacek movie! I'll have to look that one up and set my DVR for it! The weather keeps being mild here...wish we would get a little snow, just to pretty things up a bit....everything here is just so brown and dead right now...a bit depressing.


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