Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art In A Bag....

A burlap coffee bag that is!
Purchased for just $2.00

I cut it in half

Chose the side I wanted to use

Made sure it fit in the poster frame I already had

Traced around the glass front of the frame.
Cut out the portion I needed.
Sprayed adhesive to the backing of the frame.

And Wah-la....

Kitchen Art!

Plus I have the back side of the bag....

more art or pillow cover....



  1. Very nice touch! I think a pillow would be perfect with the leftovers or do you have a little hassock?


    Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm finding that every day I think about what my mom and I were doing "a year ago." This is probably just as normal as can be, but it reminds me how much I miss her. Still, I can never wish her back. Never.


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