Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day....

I thought I'd share with you what my
Valentine got me!
If you remember just a couple weeks ago,
we repainted our kitchen.  And I showed you
the pictures and talked about how the next
thing "hopefully" to come was a new microwave
and backsplash to finish off the room.

 Here is the before. least 12 yrs old, microwave.
That believe me when I say was showing it's age!
 Also notice the above empty space.  That was
done by the previous owners. 
 We could only guess
what they had in mind and
 why they didn't finish it.
But, up until now, it was just not high on
 our priority list to fix!

But this weekend....

 my husband decided to tackle that
ugly eyesore in the kitchen.

 So he built a cupboard space.

 Attached it to the other cupboard space above
and to the wall, so he could .....

 Put up my brand new microwave!
I was sooo excited, I could hardly wait.
This microwave required it to be
 mounted to the cupboard above.
Well, since we had none,
that meant he had to build one.
So I waited and waited all day for
the glue and the stain
and the poly-urethane to dry. 
Do you ever get that excited over
something like this?  I do! Silly I know!
But, it's True Love to me!
I had to take Mal and a friend to
the next town to a movie
(Justin Bieber)
And he said when I got back we
would put in the microwave.
But...true to my husband's way,
he had it in (with Tom's help) and
 ready for me when I
got Home!  All decorated and everything!
And silly me, got all excited about this....

 Ha, ha....I just had to
 take a picture of each word!
I love it!
That's how badly we needed a new microwave!

 So here is the view....
Next, the backsplash!
This is THE BEST Valentine's gift for me!


  1. WOW.. that looks beautiful. I totally get "into" appliances. I do NOT believe in NOT giving appliances to women for gifts. Bring it on. They are the gifts that keep on giving!

  2. Lisa it looks awesome, he is a keeper!! Your hubby does awesome work too, we both were very Blessed this Valentines!!:0) Enjoy it for years to come!!

  3. Just beautiful! Enjoy your Valentine's gift for years to come, Dawn

  4. Looks great! What a good man : )

  5. Love your new microwave and the shelf your hubby made...very nice!

  6. sound just like me. Something new in the house is the best gift ever. Your microwave and cabinet look beautiful. Enjoy.

  7. I do get excited about those fun every day things! It sounds like your hubby is a keeper - I love that he even decorated it for you!
    How fun!


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