Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ArtPrize 2010....

You may have heard it on the Today Show's Hoda & Kathie Lee,
if not here's a link:

We headed there this past Saturday. Mainly to see the Grand Prize Winner. Of course the line for that exhibit was very long. It started outside of the Art Museum building and wound around and into the building. The sun was warm and the line was long and someone was sleepy....

Finally we get into the building and are on the second level where the drawing is displayed

we hope....

The crowd was very controlled. Although we did have an "older" couple behind us who were a tad bit impatient....
by the sounds of her breath's of air, lol.

At last, the winner....

Definitely worth the wait!

Hand drawn with a #2 pencil....
I believe 84 in all,
and it only took, I heard, 8 months to complete!

You can not even imagine the detail to this drawing....

Right down to the blades of grass under their chairs.

My photos don't do it justice.

See why it won....
the artist received $250,000
Not bad!

The drawing below was also amazing....

also done in pencil....
(sorry about the glare)
Then we made our way out of the Art Museum....
after stopping to admire more art....
and it appears
Tom as well!

This was another winner....
Very intricate!

(photo too light)
There were also pianos set up around the city.
For anyone to play....
another form of art!

(lady unknown)

(Guy unknown)

(Mallory known)

There were all forms of art and we didn't even see half of it!
Lots of fish....
made from random things.

a HUGE basket of flowers

A Copper Man....

Is he real?

A GINORMOUS greeting card....
that you could sign.
And then there were also the art pieces with a message....

This was titled:
wonder why?

I believe I read it was made from 10,000 cigarettes,
that had been smoked or lit to burn down!
and then there was the Bizarre....
Amanda's head fits perfectly!
Then it was off to see Dad (hubby) play in the next town.
They have a chili cook-off every year!

a.k.a. Banjo Brad!

and the band....

Tracey (bass), Emzy (guitar), Brad (banjo), John (fiddle)
They have a great time every year and the crowd this year
was huge. We didn't get there until almost the end, but it
gave Tom a chance to hear the band play.
Tom has shown interest in learning banjo, so Brad put one in his hands.

Finally someone who shows interest in learning banjo!

Tom has picked it up quite well too!
He is teaching himself Foggy Mountain Break-down.
Good job!
I have tons of pictures of Art Prize.
Too many for one post.
So on occasion, I may show a few more!
Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. WOW.. what a fun day. That drawing is so amazing. It looks like a black and white photo. Such talent! Glad to see Tom is fitting right in.

  2. Ooh, I wanted to get over to Grand Rapids and see that! We totally missed it, other than pictures I've seen on-line. It's absolutely amazing! I look forward to you sharing more of your fabulous photos! And, I would have loved to hear Brad playing banjo with his band. I LOVE banjo music!

  3. Wow! I wish I had known about that exhibit. I would love to driven out that way to see that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fascinating! Some truly wonderful pieces of art.

  5. Wow, what a show! Amazing artists..
    When our girls were at home we hosted 5 exchange students from Japan. It was a lot of fun! You will enjoy hosting, but when its time for them to leave they take a bit of your heart with them....we always cried..
    Happy Birthday to your husband, he's still a kid:)
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth


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