Monday, July 26, 2010

I Have Nothing....

to blog about that is!
I haven't been thrifting or garage saling or anything fun like that!
It's been too hot to do too much outside,or in for that matter (we don't have air conditioning) gardens are doing okay!
My home is staying....presentable at best with the older 2 back home now. But working daily, so their "stuff" is everywhere!
Friends of the youngest come and go.....and come and go, you get the picture!
Dog shedding like crazy....should vacuum everywhere!
Other then that....I've got nothing!
Where'd my background go??
Also, if I change my , template is it?, will I lose
all of my posts? Please advise!!
Thank you


  1. Be sure to save your template before changing. I just copy and paste it into WORD or something like that so I can put it back if need be. No, you shouldn't lose any posts. Hair flying everywhere sounds familiar. I must vacuum today!

  2. Lisa, my blog is doing the same thing! I haven't the time to look into it yet. Too much work right now. And, FYI, my home life is pretty much the same as yours. I've given up until school starts again and I can reclaim my space! LOL

  3. Lisa, I remember checking your blog last week, and up in the left hand corner it said something to the affect that you were going to loose your background on "some" date. I thought that seemed very odd. I agree, copy your template first before you make any changes. It may have something to do with bloggers new template designer.

  4. Lisa...I read your blog every single time you post...even when I don't comment. I love to read what you have to say.

    Still thinking about you and your loss... :(.

    I went to lunch with my Momma yesterday...she now uses a cane and that really upset me for some reason even though I knew it was coming. I remember when she turned October she'll turn 76. Seeing her begin to decline, especially on top of my father's illness, is difficult. My family is beginning to travel that road none of us want to go down...

    Anyway...thinking of you today. Hope you blog layout troubles get worked out. Looks good to me.



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