Friday, March 5, 2010

Tulips and Treasures....

first, a Treasure!
I saw this last weekend at a place called
Peddler's Market.
Lucky for me it was still there today
when I stopped by. And it has a bird impression
which is perfect for me!

~Love This~

It was screaming for Tulips!

also found this cute little metal tray....
perfect for carrying drinks to the porch!

But in my opinion this is the deal of deals for the day....
from Goodwill!

a solid wood (I'm guessing oak) shabby
~Very Shabby~
dresser and I love it!

~top corner~
Notice the detail!

~legs...more detail~
Needs some work....Yes!

Then it was off to Wal-Mart.
Where I bought this lamp and 3 shades
Is there a better word out there when shopping?
I think not!!

Lamp base....$5.oo
originally $19.97!
Lamp shades....$4.00
~ got 3~
orignally $14.97!
Not bad for a day of shopping!


  1. great finds lisa ~ i am loving the pitcher!

  2. Seem to be having computer problems today. Hope this isn't #2 for comment. Love the pitcher and you have some fabulous finds.

  3. wow you seem to be finding some really great bargains!!! love the pitcher and tulips

  4. What a day you had! My favorite thing is the pitcher with the bird image and those tulips! Maybe it's the tulips... Have fun nesting!

  5. Great deals today! I love the details on old dressers, so pretty. Have a great weekend!

  6. That tray sure is interesting. I like the flowers in it.
    I especially like the chippy white dresser. Love that detail too.

    Good job shopping.

  7. O, you did GREAT ! I am lovin' that olden's gonna be so pretty.
    I LOVE shopping days like this!!
    hugs, bj

  8. What a shopping trip! Great deals. Luv those tulips.. I think fresh flowers in a white pitcher of any kind is about as beautiful as you can get.. fresh.. clean.. look! Where's the dresser going?

  9. You did fantastic. Are we on a roll or what! That pitcher with the bird is wonderful! I also love birds and own four at this time. You header is wonderful! The tray, the! I love a deal! What is more fun than going shopping and hardly spending anything and coming home with things you love for next to nothing. :) I don't know about you..but it sure makes me smile!

  10. Such cute chest! I love it. I have a desk that I need to redo, quick.


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